Kinda unwilling, kinda forced, but here I am… Back in Singapore. Shopping was real good and cheap over in K.L. Bought most of my clothes from the Factory Outlet Shop chain. Got a grey DKNY jacket with matching sweatpants at only RM39.90 EACH! Wooohooo…. Spent some time looking for my wedding dress too. Not much success though, I would say. All the really nice ones are priced above RM600, which is over my budget. I’m only looking to spend about a maximum of $200 on a white satin tube dress. Anyone know of anywhere that might satisfy that criteria??

I’ve got some photos taken of the K.L streets, and was exposed to photography torture whenever my hubby-to-be took impromptu shots of me. He’s soooo going to be wasting money developing those shots. I’ll look like crap! I always do in photos!! *Sigh* But what else could I do but to give the man what he wants? I’ll just have to psycho myself into thinking that I am a lanky model with a photographer in tow… NOT!

On the whole, this was a good trip. Kind of short, but we can look forward to having longer holidays. We stayed in Berjaya Times Square, which isn’t fantastic, even though it’s quite newly established. The rooms are self sufficient, with bathtub, sitting area, bedroom, pantry and all that, but the TV programs suck cos they only have local channels. (Which are 80% in Bahasa Melayu.) All the shops in the shopping arcade close at 10.00pm. Which leaves you with nothing to do after ten. Which is also quite bad. So NOT gonna stay there anymore…

P.S. I should be uploading the pics by Tuesday, so watch out for them!


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