from here to there

In Singapore,
we met
we talked
we kissed
and fell in love.

In flight,
we fought
we misunderstood
we disagreed
nearly ending up separated.

In Hong Kong,
we laughed
we cried
we understood
in a new way.

In rain,
we strolled
we fought
we hugged
we love and hate.

In the most unlikely way,
we touched
we made love
we fell in love again
eventually realising we need each other.

In the future,
we hope
we try
we plan
and await life to throw shit at us.

In unison,
we will fight
we will be strong
we will make “us” work
but we have to hold on really tight.

In the meantime,
we will have to part
we will have to bear the pain
we will have to put in more effort
until the day our own nest is ready.

In my heart,
you will always have a special place
you will always make me yearn
you will always be loved
my hubs forever and ever.


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