in Hong Kong

The past few days have been spent with the family and catching up with friends. It is good to be home in some sense. No doubt the past memories evoked from being back in this land brings no comfort, the presence of friends and loved ones are almost always welcomed and appreciated.

Samuel and Fir, I hope you guys liked the presents. Nothing fab, but just a token from us.

In response to the popular request for photos, bear with the photos as they load and pardon the quality of the shots as they are all taken with my trusty Nokia 7610.

Shots of us in some of Hong Kong’s famous tourist spots:

The view of Hong Kong Island from the harbour.
Too bad our big heads are blocking part of the view.

View from The Peak. With our heads again. =p

Us on the famous topless bus driving down Nathan Road.

Nash at Ned Kelly’s Last Stand, a themed restaurant on Ashley Road.

The following are some random shots taken throughout our stay in Hong Kong:

Boat coming in to the Aberdeen Harbour.

Hong Kong Island. Just like the way you see it on TV.

Notice the looming rainclouds?

The starting point of Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars marked with a statue modelled after the Hong Kong Film Awards statuette.

View from The Peak aka Victoria Peak.

Another one from The Peak.

And another one from The Peak.

The decor at Ned Kelly’s Last Stand. The man in the potrait is Ned Kelly!

The extra long escalator running in Langham Place. There are two of them, respectively running from levels 4-8 and 8-12. Langham Place is a 15-storey shopping centre in Mongkok.


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