horror back in SG

Unpacking back in Singapore (SG) proved to be quite a feat as you can see…

All the stuff!! All the things that hubs had to help me lug back from Hong Kong!!

Here’s a breakdown of the things I bought:

The fashionista

All the clothes I bought back. Nope, not all for me, but mostly mine anyways. One pair of shoes are for my bro, some T-shirts for Fir/Sam/Nash. Yup. That’s all. Heh.

The clothes there can be really cheap if you know where to look. Most of the pieces I got there cost less than S$20! Well, don’t expect anything fantastic, but they’re definitely more up-to-date in the bohemian trend, which is what I’m into these days. I can foresee This Fashion selling some of the pieces at S$25 onwards in time to come… When that day comes I shall chortle and proudly proclaim that I got it cheaper! In all, the only expensive pieces from this trip are the tops we got from Hard Rock Cafe. They cost a whooping HKD160 each!!

In total, I spent around HKD2000 on fashion apparel (including those for others). That would be close to S$500! Ahem. Now you guys know why I say I’m broke.

Satisfying the inner child

Oooh… All the Hello Kitty things I found there!! Eversince the Hello Kitty craze died down here, it has been an utter pain in the arse to find unique Kitty items here. And now that I’ve found Hong Kong, bollocks to buying them here!

I got a plush bolster, a suitcase (absolutely mandatory cos I overloaded the suitcases we brought over), 3 towels and a floormat. The 3 bottles on the upper right corner are Hello Kitty packaged drinks we had there. Look at the embossing on the suitcase!

Other than Hello Kitty, I also paid homage to Emily Strange. The offerings? A tote bag, 2 T-shirts and a coin pouch (as seen on the left).

Unique purchases

I know it sounds kinda stupid to tell people that I bought a dustbin back from Hong Kong, but the truth is, I did. It’s one of those bins you see in shopping centres, with an ashtray on the top. The colours match my room PERFECTLY! I couldn’t resist spending HKD90 (S$20.45) on it at the night market.

Back in Singapore, I saw something similar but smaller in size at Orchard Cineleisure. Bloody hell. It was even less than half the size of mine, but going for a hefty S$23.95. Pui! Thank God I’m so stingy. Had that feeling that the same item in Singapore would cost a bomb.

The DVDs are McDull, a Hong Kong made animation which won quite a number of awards. But unless you understand Cantonese, you won’t get the jokes. The ChungKing Express DVD is for my uncle. He’s been trying to find it for ages in Singapore to no avail. Canton movies, particularly the older ones, are so hard to find here.

I did have some other interesting finds over in Hong Kong, like the beautiful jade jewellery in Jade Market and the sex toys sold in the Temple Street night market. Sex toys are too personal to show here. Heh. And the jewellery I bought is meant for a certain someone, so I won’t show it here cos she’ll definitely see it, which would spoil the surprise. Heh again.

Hubs says we must go back to Hong Kong again soon. He likes it there too. The places that stay open til late night, so suitable for night owls like us. The naughty stuff we can so easily lay our hands on over there. The smelly beancurd! Not to mention all the girly, childish things I can get there.

Currently we are planning on going at the end of the year, but at second thought, we’ve decided on going in Feb/March 2006. We want to skip the peak season so there will be less of a crowd and the prices for air-travel and accomodation are more competitive! How’s that for scheming minds??

Well, here I am. Back in SG and getting my hair done in my fave salon at Raffles Place. Looking stupid and pretty much like a Martian with extremely HUGE brains. Like what Jeza would say, Tak Glam!

I could hardly bring myself to smile. I look utterly dumb!! Hubs had a good laugh when I showed him this shot. Wah lau. Damn malu. Even my hubs cannot take it. Thank God my hair came out with satisfactory results and I didn’t feel overcharged. S$188 for colour, highlight, cut and treatment. All done by my favourite hairstylist auntie. Heh. (Photos of new head coming soon. Must take it under sunlight then highlights can show better mah…) Cheerios!


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