Overview of KL trip

I could go on for about 200 hundred pages on our short KL trip (we were there for less than 48 hours), but I’ve decided to do this in chunks and point-form to make it short and sweet.

– The KTM Komuter train SUCKS. We waited 40 minutes for the train to arrive and then squeezed like sardines at the door because everyone REFUSED to move inwards to the center of the carriage.

– It rained on Friday night, Saturday afternoon til evening and Sunday early afternoon. *slaps forehead* It rains whenever we go for holiday, no matter where we go. We’ve been wondering if we go to the Sahara desert, would it rain too??

– Petaling Street (Chinatown) smells like rotting food (or a really dirty sewer) after the stalls close. They close BEFORE midnight, contrary to what my Malaysian friends say. So after midnight, there’s pretty much nothing to do except to eat, eat and eat.

– I got pretty good shopping deals, and I’m going to put this up in another post, since we only bought FIVE items back. It’ll be easy-peasy to take pictures and put it up. :mrgreen:

– Food has been excellent excellent excellent. More of it in a later post.

But a lesson has been learnt, we’re not going to KL anymore unless we’re just going there to shop our brains out. We’ve been there too often to seriously have fun. Everything’s like “been there, done that”. Time to start exploring other parts of Malaysia. Bukit Tinggi looks fun in a laidback kind of way…


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