I’m back!!!!!

Did anyone miss me while I was gone??

I’m really really tired now, even though I just came back from a supposedly relaxed weekend getaway. There are quite a number of reasons as to why the trip failed to relax and, in the same manner, was unsuccessful in creating any form of enjoyment as well.

First things first was my inability to sleep well on a strange bed. Throw in the fact that I conveniently forgot to pack my VERY VERY necessary pillow this time round, and my new-found need for bolsters to support my baby bulge, and you can probably understand how impossible it was for me to sleep comfortably. The pillow provided by the hotel gave me a neckache and I was constantly waking up every 10-15 minutes throughout the night, which resulted in very disruptive rest.

There was virtually NO shopping because the hotel we were staying in was nowhere near any of the commonly known shopping malls. There is a mall attached to the hotel, but it SERIOUSLY sucked BIG TIME. The only attraction in the mall was the duty-free alcohol, tobacco and chocolates, with the first two being items I NEED to avoid. Damn.

The meals that I had throughout my trip was damn sub-standard. The most decent meal I had during the entire 2 days was the Fish & Chips I ordered from room service for RM26. I wasn’t trying to be extravagant, but there really wasn’t anything else to eat in that area, so I resorted to ordering exhorbitantly priced simple fare.

Aiyah, I could complain for hours, but seriously I don’t feel like doing that now. I’m really tired from being baked in Hubs’ ex-boss’s “lao pok car” and I feel a fever (accompanied with bodyache) coming on. Please let my “sixth sense” be wrong. I really really don’t want to fall ill.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t buy anything at all. Except for 6 bars of chocolate from the duty-free zone. BUT IF I’M SICK I CAN’T EAT THEM!!!! ARRRGHHH!!!

And may I add, I’ve never been more glad to be back home. I love my home, where there is Internet, tv and all the other little pleasures that I can’t live without.


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