It is absolutely frustrating to entertain people who are in no way contributing to my wellbeing, or the baby’s for that matter, all these silly incessant queries like “Boy or girl huh?”, “You know gender already or not?”. SERIOUSLY, do you think I would not tell if I already knew? I would probably have report the latest finding via MSN nick and blog, but since now almost everyone not closely affiliated with my life is bugging me about it, I might just be a cunt and keep the news strictly within my own social circle.

To the women, do yourself a favour and go read up on the topic of pregnancy, irregardless of whether you ever intend to breed your own spawn. I think it would save your girlfriends a lot of frustration, especially if you’re going to grill them non-stop about the baby’s gender from the day they miss their period til the day the doctor actually manages to spot visible genitalia.

It is actually overwhelming to find out how many women actually have no idea how pregnancy functions. Some of them actually REALLY think that you will know your baby’s gender from the first time you visit the obstetrician. I think all the documentaries have failed their educational purpose.

Surprisingly, the people I am closer to do not actually keep asking me this same question. I wonder why that is so, since I would be much more tolerant of friends and family than of mere acquaintances.

So, for the UMPTEENTH TIME, STOP ASKING. I will tell when I find out. Or else I might just combust internally and kill myself from the sheer frustration.


13 thoughts on “FOR FUCK’S SAKE

  1. hahaha
    I share your frustration!!!!
    I guess no one learns although so many pregnant women are out there, EVERYONE seem to ask the exact same questions, to all 10 preggy women they see, and get 10 times the scolding…
    Cool!! Not good for haebe (did I spell this correctly?)… (s)he can feel ur stress ler… dun stress dun stress…. There’s too many ignorant people out there….

    Soemtimes I feel, they jus dunno what to ask u, so they simply ask, that seem to be the easiest question…. That was my theory when I was pregnant… hahaha

  2. so after fucking up all your “friends” who concern abt or rather some trying to hit a conversation with you… is a boy or a ger har?

    well, sometime ppl just dun know how to appreciate!they never know and learn..too bad..

    To perkins, good one! there is a line that the chinese saying “one type of rice fed hundred type of people”.

    Shell says: Nice nick. So… You’re a “spoilbratslut”? LOL. Like I said, they’re mere acquaintances. And if you can’t read, well, too bad.

  3. Don’t ask anything lar. Oh wait, then you have shown no concern at all!?!! Run everyone run from the narcissistic one.

    Shell says: Yes. RUN! Run far far away and don’t ever come back!

  4. yes! that is my nick which i had specially chosen for you, if you understand.

    so i guess your next post will be “WHY NOBODY CARE?”!! from attention seeker.

    ppl just dont know how to be considerate.

    GOD give us heart to learn to be caring and considerate but too bad some dun know how to use it.

    nevertheless, you are bless with ppl who are nice and caring. Cherish them and please do “wake up” at time!

    As time goes, thing will changes, so does ppl.

    bless u.

    Shell says: For your information, I did not have any outbursts (vulgar or otherwise) towards ppl who have been asking the gender question.

    To quote you: “ppl just dont know how to be considerate.” Yup. You OBVIOUSLY don’t know how to be considerate, seeing how you go around leaving nasty comments ANONYMOUSLY.

    And by the way, I think you severely need some basic English lessons to educate you on sentence structuring. *shudders*

  5. there is a difference between concern and being curious/kaypoh.

    Asking them if they are feeling alright + btw, how’s the baby + oh, you haven’t known the gender (which, if you read her archives, you’ll know) is concern. Asking her what is the gender of the baby every week is kaypoh.

    next time if you are pregnant, and everyone on the streets (or, well, virtual streets) asks you this question repeatedly every week, you tell me if you’ll be pissed or not. If you are, then you have every right not to blog about it, like she has.

    This, by the way, is her blog. Would you like us to go to your blog to cuss, curse and insult you? Oh wait, you’re not one of those ‘losers who have blogs’? Then what are you doing here?

    There is a difference b/w being righteous, and self-righteous. Sometimes it’s a fine line that spurs much debate. Other times, it’s rather obvious.


  6. Sorry was just thinking, that since u ask strangers to donate kinds or watsoever on ur blog, (I noe u were just asking for fun, but there definitely hope of really getting an item)

    Then I think its fair enuf for a not so close frens to ask abt the gender of the baby, prob they are oso really concern,

    I guess u were just too overwhelmed by too many pple asking altogether. Guess dun think too much, and just relax, getting upset not good for the baby

    Just my two cents worth

    Shell says: I get your point, but my requested donations were more targeted to real-life friends and not at blogreaders. Thank you for being logical about the issue though. πŸ™‚

  7. Wah??? Simi taichi.. …. Boy or girl very important meh???? the most important is to have a good pregnancy and enjoy the pregnancy
    People ask because they are concerned.. if you dont like it just say that you dont know and you will only know after the 4 – 5th mth and you will let them know once you know. Wont kill anyone to just be diplomatic

    Shell says: That’s what I’ve been saying to them since Day 1. So now the hounding starts again because I am “in the 4th month already”. When I say I really don’t know yet, they say “Really meh??”. *faints*

  8. Hi there! Just surfed on over from Joan…

    ^5! i’m in my last tri and just thought to share… early on in the pregnancy, i was so tempted to print a set of tees for each day of the week to say, no i don’t know the gender of the babe, he’s due on 17 feb, no i don’t know whether early or not, and i cannot feel any movement yet!

    nowadays i just want to get tees with the words “do not touch” coz at 7 months, the bump is pronounced enough for people to wanna rubadubdub. πŸ™‚

    hang in there!

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