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Last Monday, I went to get a pedicure at VivoCity with GGYY. The place was called Nails @ The Lacquer Room and it was beautifully done up with taste. Let me have the honour of describing my virgin experience there…

I have the unfortunate recurrence of ingrown toenails on my two big toes, which require delicate assistance to trim off the nail edge that grows into my flesh and causes agony whenever I wear covered shoes. And this nail place at Vivo had the most unprofessional manicurists I have ever encountered in my countless pedicure sessions.

The first girl who attended to me was obviously a n00b, because she couldn’t even remove my old polish properly or buff my nails to the same length. The toenails on my left foot were very blatantly longer than the ones on my right. And being the newbie she was, she asked for help from her “senior” when it came to dealing with my troublesome big toe. This Malay girl who took over the task was rude and inconsiderate. She handled my delicate flesh roughly, and when I let out an “ouch”, she looked up at me and gave me an icy death stare, followed by a snide remark of “You got to bear with it cos your nail is like that.” Like, what the fuck?!

EXACTLY because I have a problem with my nail, THEREFORE I go peruse your bloody services to help me sort it out! And you throw me dirty looks and sarcastic remarks?! Have you got no professionalism?? Have you got no sympathy for a pregnant woman with a big toe that BLEEDS from the recurring ingrown toenail?!

This rude staff goes by the name of Fiza and she works at Nails @ The Lacquer Room, #02-233A VivoCity. You can spot her from her constant yakking away on her mobile phone and her impoliteness towards everyone, including her fellow colleagues. While GGYY and I were there waiting for our nails to dry, this Fiza was asked by her colleague to attend to a walk-in customer who was requesting for an express pedicure. She scowled and asked her co-worker “Why me? Ask XXX to go do it lah!” while cupping a hand over her mobile phone. And when told that XXX was unavailable because she had been booked for an appointment in 5 minutes’ time, Fiza sulked and went back into the pantry to continue chatting on her phone.

The poor walk-in customer was left sitting there, looking bewildered, waiting for someone to attend to her.

So as it can be gathered, if you want prompt and professional nail service, please DO NOT go to Nails @ The Lacquer Room. Beneath the lush decor lies bad service with an unworthy price tag ($35 for a classic pedicure), with lack of variety in nail colors and nail art designs.

On the other hand, fingertips located at Bugis Village offers a wide range of nail services at very reasonable prices. Nail art starts at a low rate of $1 per nail and they use OPI and ORLY nail polish in an amazing array of shades. The place can be quite warm if you’re visiting them during the day, but their service is fast and almost guaranteed to leave you pleasantly surprised and satisfied.

Pardon the poor quality image, for I do not own a digital camera. But it’s a preview of what fingertips is capable of. Trust me, it looks damn fucking nice upclose. Hubs, GGYY, my dad, brother, Hubs’ colleagues were all in awe of the manicurist’s handiwork.

I paid a total of $44 (peak season price for pre-CNY) for a classic manicure ($21) with nail art on all ten fingers ($2.30 per nail). The usual price for my nail art design is at $1.80 and the manicure is at $15.90. A pedicure would be at $18.90 and an express manicure is at a low low price of $8.90. Call Celine at 94577662 for an appointment if you’re keen.


4 thoughts on “doing nails

  1. Hi, i always go to Nails @ The Lacquer Room, i think wat u had said refect on how people look at u… cause from the words that u wrote!!! n in the FIRST PLACE, u should have told the manager or something… cause maybe they can do something about it…i was think things r not as worst as wat u had said.. i Have see people like u who loves to complaint… maybe u r too depress when u r having a baby.. n was thinking that is unfair to the company too.. cause people might think that u r from the salon that u recommend… y don’t open up ur heart to accept other people mistake?? don’t they deserve another chance?? maybe in ur life u think people who is paying is bigger then anything?? I think the gals in there r reali nice… n they have given me a very good service… so pls stop saying things that DON”T GO TO NAils @ the Lacquer Room…. one day who knows u will open ur own… n u hope people to give u a chance when ur staff is nt good..?? N if u think that the Nail Shop that u recommend is the best.. then go ahead.. cause think is no point of u going to another salon n complaint this n that… n making people upset.. AFter all i just wanna to say, that is the best nail salon that i ever been…

    shell says: First of all, as much as I appreciate your honesty, I would like to state for the record that it took me a couple of readings to understand what you were trying to say. I’m not very good with deciphering broken English.

    You might have seen “people like (me) who loves to complain” as I have seen people like you who love to judge others even when you know nothing about them. I do not believe that “people who is paying is bigger then anything” (to quote you, because that phrase is flawed on its own already), so DON’T PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH.

    Being a consumer, I don’t expect 100% perfect service, but politeness definitely ranks tops. No one wishes for rudeness, whether they are paying or not. And for your information, I did not kick up a ruckus at the scene, because simply, if the service is not what I’m looking for, I’d simply not visit them again.

    All consumers have the LEGAL RIGHT to choose where they want to go for their products and services. And likewise, the RIGHT to comment on any services that they feel are good or otherwise. I have a right to give the account of my experience there as you have a right to continue going to them.

    Since I am not intruding in your free will, I don’t see why you have to intrude in mine to share my experience.

    And if you are still going to Nails @ The Lacquer Room, please go ask the manager about Fiza and ask them about her working attitude, because the manager himself has personally emailed me an apology two months after I put up this post and AGREED WITH ME THAT FIZA HAS GOT A BAD WORKING ATTITUDE. And also informed me that Fiza has been DISMISSED due to her behaviour with me and MANY OTHER CUSTOMERS.

    So, before you point accusing fingers at me for not “accepting people’s mistakes”, please check out the facts first.

    Also, maybe you should “open up your heart” to accept what others have to say. Especially when they are not maligning anyone.

  2. So what if you’ve a very good English base? Does it make you very proud commenting on how bad other ppl’s English is? I read it once and i understood it, maybe you should blame it on poor understanding ability.

    You are saying “you do not believe that people who is paying is bigger than anything”, however from what i see this is not the case. You are already saying until like you expect you one-dollar to do miracles for you. Everyone goes through the process of learning, so i see no problem in ppl asking colleagues for help. Maybe you should put partial blame on the ingrown toenails on my two big toes, they must be really tough to handle haha.

    You’re definitely right in saying “All consumers have the LEGAL RIGHT to choose where they want to go for their products and services. And likewise, the RIGHT to comment on any services that they feel are good or otherwise.” That is why you should just keep your mouth SHUT and go somewhere else which can satisfy your needs or maybe you can choose to remove that two toenails of yours and it’ll save you a hell lot of trouble.

    Fyi like you i’ve been to countless manicure/pedicure sessions, my experience with Nail @ the Lacquer Room was one of the best. The girls in there are professional and very polite, unlike what you’re saying. The ambience there is great and the price is reasonable for the services they provided. Recently when i went, i do not remember seeing the Fiza you have been mentioning. Maybe you’re right she had been sacked, but does that bring you sense of achievement seeing other ppl lose their job? But not to worry, being a mother or mother soon to be, your co. cant sack you haha.

    Its nice if you highlight whats good, but its not very nice of you to run your mouth about smth which is not true. I do not have to find out the FACTS as from what i see you’re not a very polite person, that could simply explain why you were treated that way.

    Quote of the Day: Before complaining/commenting about others, kindly please look at yourself. You could well be commenting about yourself.

    shell says: *sigh* I wonder who’s the one with the “poor understanding ability”. Of course you can understand what you said. YOU WROTE IT YOURSELF! I’ll be damned if you don’t understand what you had said earlier.

    Say what you wish to your misinterpretation of my post and my response to your comment. I never once said the place was no good, but pointedly that Fiza was no good. Apparently you chose to selectively erase that, and put words into my mouth once again.

    You are definitely one confused woman, by going back and forth on what you’re saying.

    And for your information, I can’t be sacked if I’m not even working, right? Don’t have a need to work, probably never will. :mrgreen: But it’s a relief to know that moms/moms-to-be can’t be sacked, so the working moms probably feel more secure.

    You live by your own principles/rules/mottos/whateverthefuck and I do with mine. I didn’t impose my style on you, so don’t come treading on my ground telling me how I should or should not behave.

    Somehow, I wonder if you would be the type of self-righteous person to write into a publication to complain if their reviews of a certain product did not match up to how wonderful you deem it to be. Everyone is entitled to their own views, EVEN IF THEY DON’T COINCIDE WITH YOURS. Just because you think something is good, doesn’t mean the whole world has to agree with you. GROW UP.

    Any further comments of yours will be erased without a moment’s hesitation. Have a great weekend!

  3. We are not dealing with inexperience in this case, it is bad attitude. There is a distinction between the two and I hope you can tell the difference. Shelly has dealt with inexperienced manicurists before; she did not make an issue of it. She is usually very forgiving towards inexperience staff or those that commits a mistake, to the extend that I would sometimes chide her for being gullible. When they make a mistake and apologise, she would tend to overlook the issue. She would tell me although he/she was inexperience at least he/she was apologetic about it.

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