pretty perks

MamaShell went to do her hair!

I’ve got the mop rebonded so it’s now minimal hassle and younger-looking. W00t! Pictures to be updated later when I edit this post.

Also, I’ve managed squeeze my trotters back into my leather boots. Dressed in a black mini (size 16 from Dorothy Perkins 😦 ) and a shiny Zara top, I’m feeling like my old self again. For now.

Edit@11.35pm, 15 July 2007:

15-07-07_2311-rebonded copy

Pretty! PapaNash helped me remove the offending background similar to the one in this pic. Except the above picture had an EVEN more offending character lurking behind me… Hubs strutting around in his sports briefs! πŸ˜†

Although the flatter straight hair does make my face look fatter… πŸ˜•


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