nail fetish

I can’t tolerate having my nails undone. Bare minimum I’ve got a have a coat of nail whitener and glossy top coat. With my nails nicely shaped, of course.

Fortunately I was born blessed with nice nails that look good bare. But it’s just a fetish in me to have manicured nails. Even when I can’t find the time and/or money to go get them done professionally, I DIY my manicures and pedicures, complete with cuticle care and lotion massage.

Yes. I am anal. snigger

So it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there is no such thing as a “quick nail job” for me. The quickest I can be is 30 minutes, with just the minimum as stated earlier. I always have to wait for my nails to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next coat of polish.

On a relaxed day when I have plenty of time to spare (which is like hardly ever these days), I go the full length of nail trimming, shaping, removing cuticles, buffing the hard skin off my soles, hand and foot massage, base coat, 2 coats of colour, finishing up with a top coat. That can take about two hours. 😛

So these days, when I feel like my fingers and toes are in need of grooming, I sacrifice sleep and do it all. Like tonight.

My grooming doesn’t have to suffer just because I’ve risen up the ranks to become a mother. Nowadays, only my sleep hours suffer. I’m way too vain to let my looks fade away like that. 😆

I am typing away here as I wait for the last coat of colour to dry up so I can paint on my quick drying top coat. Ahhh… the sacrifices of motherhood. Now you people know why housewives usually look battered and worn down.


3 thoughts on “nail fetish

  1. My feet is a warzone and I usually cover them up. I cannot imagine crouching over and scrubbing the shit outta my feet for a couple hours.

    shell says: Oh no no. I only pumice them for no more than 15 mins. Frequent buffing means that each time you can smooth it out in less time than if you did it once a year… 😆

  2. I am lazy. I’d rather sit at the manicurist’s for an hour and get it over and done with. Just enough time to go thru a few magazines and a hot cuppa tea. Heh.

    shell says: Not if I get lousy service again. And doing my own nails is therapeutic in a way, coupled with a sense of satisfaction when the job is well-done. 🙂

  3. hohoho remind me to wear covered shoes when I see you next time.

    shell says: Hahahah!! Did you not notice how I stared at your feet the time I went to your place?

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