school complaints…

… before classes have even started. 😐

And now I get reminded of why the bloody fucking hell I HATE calling the damned stupid school.

It’s as if they have a company policy of not picking up your calls or responding to your emails. And the person on the the other line is always eager to transfer your call “to the corresponding person in charge”, who never seems to be able to help you in any way except to ask you a whole bunch of questions and not give you any answers.

It also seems to be common practice to promise to get back to you, but never EVER do. And any attempts to reaching them again to get your answer will be futile.

If you try calling their main line, you will be promptly redirected to someone else who is supposed to be able to help you, but will actively seek a chance to hang up on you.

It’s a fucking vicious cycle, I tell you.

Should you ever be lucky enough to get hold of someone to speak to them, be prepared to repeat your grandmother story all over again, only to suffer their rude responses of “why don’t you email me instead” and ALWAYS fail to tell you what details you should furnish them with.  And when you are to ask them what to include, they will snap at you and say “the usual lor!” Wah lan. So much for professionalism. When you persist further to avoid any more interaction with them, they never fail to “tsk tsk” with displeasure before half-yelling the requirements to you.

Please, if ever, do not enrol into this stupid institution where they are so quick to accept payment but respond to you at snail speed.

They might provide “good” education (where fucking lecturers regurgitate from the books word for word), but if you ever try to get them to assist in any student services, please be prepared to wait in terms of months or even years.

It’s been 10 months since I last liased with some idiot who was supposed to get back to me on deferring my modules due to my pregnancy, but he never did. Says a lot for efficiency and sincerity, doesn’t it??


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