food, school & talking crap

“Your nose sounds like crap.”

“I didn’t know crap could talk.”

“Well, I’m a big piece of crap that talks.”

*giggles and guffaws ensue*

It’s strange how the lack of sleep actually boosts the linguist in me. Words, albeit completely meaningless, flow like waterfalls and strange complex words turn up in my everyday conversations.

I think this must mean that people with fucked mental states do tend to be more artistic than those with their heads screwed on proper. I know some who would concur with me on this one. 😉


The stupid school coordinator has responded my email with my corresponding timetable and I will be starting evening classes on the 25th next month. Whoopdeedo! I shushed her up when I managed to email her with the receipt number of my former payment and the batch number that they had intended for me to join.

Thank goodness I always keep important papers and letters filed up somewhere. Where specifically, sometimes I forget, but I am always certain that they’re somewhere in this tiny 3-room flat. :mrgreen:


Tasting the affordable delicacies of Lavender Food Court once again is proving to please my tastebuds. But like all things in life are, moderation is key.

Try eating food from there every single day for months and you’d be similarly sick of it like I was a couple of months ago. But restaurant food is getting boring, so is Ah Mm’s funky cooking. So the return to Lavender food is a welcomed change to my palate.

My tastebuds need constant stimulation from different flavours!


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