goodbye, hungry ghost festival!

The lunar 7th month is finally over. Which means we can now go out again after Hubs gets off work!! :mrgreen:

To mark our (forced) patience and perseverance, I am bringing Joshua out to meet Hubs in town, where the man is having a mandatory “movie night” organised by his boss. We’ll be skipping the movie, even though they’ll be watching “The Home Song Stories”, a film I’ve been gagging to catch. Yes, I’m the artsy movie buff type. But since yesterday’s fiasco, I’d rather give it a pass than to have Boy fuss and disrupt my movie experience again.

I’ll excited about our return to “freedom”, where there’s no longer a need to stay in after sundown. YIPPEE!!!

Also, I failed to update yesterday that I can now fit into ALL my pre-pregnancy bottoms, including that tiny denim mini from Zara that I used to don all the time! Problem now is, my tummy skin is loose and flabby, and flaps over the top of my bottoms… Hmm… Not very presentable at all!

It’s time to emulate Rosie from the famous local sitcom “Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd” and head off for a body wrap to tighten up my skin! I swear they frickin’ work, because I’ve tried them before when I lost weight back then and was left with flabby skin all over.

I’m thinking it will be quite possible to reach MILF status by December!



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