shook me all night long

I felt them bloody tremors last evening!! And I thought it was because my chair was against the refrigerator and its motor was causing my chair to vibrate.

When I checked and saw that my chair wasn’t touching the fridge at all, I thought there was a poltergeist in my house and was pranking me. Gawd, that gave me the creeps.

Only after I met up with Hubs, and I told him about the phantom forces shaking my chair, that he told me that there was some Sumatran earthquake that affected locally. Eeks!! That was some creepy shit. And I’m still feeling giddy from it right now. Hours after I had first felt the floor shaking.

Allow me to sing a lame but apt song. “I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down!” Retro sia!! 😆


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