simple days for special occasions

It was an ordinary day spent at VivoCity. Nothing spectacular or even remotely special. But what made it different from our usual weekend romps was that there was barely any crowd, and we walked the shops leisurely without the needing to elbow our way through.

The most unique thing we did was to catch a movie together. All three of us watched “Hairspray”. Joshua wasn’t too happy about not being able to watch the screen sideways like the way he usually does at home, but generally he was quite well-behaved and didn’t cry at all throughout the show. But he created enough fuss to distract me from the movie and that didn’t make me very happy at all.

Dinner was a disappointing affair at Hog’s Breath Cafe. Their food is barely scrapping the average mark, and at the prices we paid, I’d much prefer to have eaten at Clarity Cafe instead. Except that we weren’t anywhere in the vicinity.

What perked me up, though, was my favourite Mango Magic from BOOST, three energy bars bought from their counter, and a lot of $2 knick-knacks from Daiso.

I also broke into my new Aldo shoes today, and they were surprisingly comfortable for a brand new pair of leather heels. I survived more than 4 hours of walking in it, and emerged unscathed. No blistering, sore feet, cuts, or anything. Suddenly it makes the $135 seem worthy of every cent.

It has occurred to me that it will be difficult for any of our celebrations to be romantic or extravagant. Not with a baby around anyway. And until we can find someone whom we feel safe enough to leave Joshua with, there will be no opportunity for us to just spend time together being a couple, undisturbed by baby’s needs during our dates. That sucks big time.

It seems that fate has decided that we spend our “special” days in ordinary ways.

Back then when we had all the time in the world, with no one to disrupt us, we were almost always on a tight budget. And now that the budget has loosened, our time is tied. Even a simple dinner and movie date is interrupted constantly, leaving no opportunity for us to focus on each other.

I foresee it will be a long long time until we can relive 2004, the time that was just him and me. If we scrap our plans for baby #2, optimistically we should be able to achieve it in about 3 years. But even then, things will never be the same again…

I can only blame it on my reliance on two-person romances and love of nostalgia.


2 thoughts on “simple days for special occasions

  1. I went to Hoggies last night and the steak was delicious as usual.

    The only thing good at Hoggies are the steaks. and buffalo wings. πŸ™‚

    shell says: Oh yes, the buffalo wings are quite decent as the sauce is good. Not too sweet, not too spicy. Just nice. πŸ™‚ Pity I’m not a big fan of buffalo wings.

  2. wah!!!
    I wanna go watch Hairspray as well (envy)

    I wish I have my own little family to spend time with lor! (even more envious)

    shell says: I loan you my little family when you get back. Xiao Long Baos and fried tofu!!!!!!!! *slurps* Don’t forget huh.

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