the new nano, and other drool-worthy items

The new iPod nano has got an improved wider screen, and its new range of colours, which include a lovely red shade, is definitely tempting me to upgrade my iPod mini. The new size and round edged square shape reminds me of the Creative Zen Stone, but of course the iPod is better, since it plays videos as well.

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 Hubs and I popped into Club21 iShop and we drooled over it. The thickness, or rather thinness, of the device is just AMAZING. It’s slightly smaller than a credit card and it’s thinness is probably no more than 5 credit cards stacked together. Oh dear Lord. I so feel like retiring the misbehaving mini (who has been hanging once too often) and asking for the new nano.

Yet somehow, becoming a mother also means you hardly have the chance to plug into the music, since most of the time you’ll be going out with your child in tow. *Sigh* Yet another sacrifice of motherhood, and the loss of a good reason to get a funky music player.

It’s a pity we didn’t get to fiddle with the new iPod Touch, which will probably give us a very good idea on how user-friendly the iPhone would be, since it’s basically EXACTLY like the iPhone but without it’s mobile phone features. We’ll definitely go down to the Mac shops a couple of weeks later to get a feel of it. I think it’ll be cool too, but not as cool as the tiny tiny new nano.


Our exploration of VivoCity on Tuesday brought me to a shop called EGG, which sells maternity and some breastfeeding apparel. At the risk of sounding like a total bimbo, it made me want to get pregnant again so that I’ll have a legitimate excuse to buy and wear their clothes! I’m going to buy a nursing bra from them when Hubs’ paycheck comes through. (I’m currently on a no-shopping policy because that pair of Aldos pretty much drained out my monthly shopping budget.)

The prices in the local stores are about the same as their online NZ prices, so that’s a relief. The bra I’m eyeing is NZ$39.90 and retails at S$49.90, and that is quite a decent price to pay for a nursing bra.

Although I must mention that I have my reservations about getting a new nursing bra, as there is a possibility that we’ll be switching Joshua to formula milk soon. But that I guess we’ll address when the time comes. Anyway, a nursing bra would still work well as a normal bra wouldn’t it? :mrgreen: All my current nursing bras no longer fit because my magnificent hooters have shrunk… I am no longer a D-cupper!! 😥


Next up is the footwear fetish!!

Crystal Hearts from Havaianas, with real Swarovski crystal heart, US$70.


Pois from Havaianas, US$20.

Honestly, if I was any richer, I’d buy them both. I have two pairs of Havaianas, and they are so everlasting that they just frickin refuse to die even after 4 years of intensive trashing. So that leaves me with no reason (or excuse) to get more pairs, save for the only reason of pure greed.

Women’s Dr. Martens Mods Laser Cut Boot, in colour “Shark Outrageous”.

I chanced upon this pair of Dr. Martens in a store at the Meridien Hotel, and I was in love.

Today I walked in to check the price again ($229!!), and was told by the shop assistant that I might not be able to fit into the boots due to its small cutting, but I was welcomed to try it on to find out. 😕 The biggest size they have in stock is 41, which I’m pretty darn certain I can wear, but I just couldn’t bring myself to try it on since I know I wouldn’t be buying it yet.

For the next few weeks, I will be scouring around shoe shops trying to find the cheapest price available. If not, well, I don’t think I’ll be getting it no matter how much I’m in love. 😦


So that summarises my drool list for now. Any kind donations? :mrgreen:




One thought on “the new nano, and other drool-worthy items

  1. ask them for a discount!

    cos i was drooling over at the Famous Footwear store @ Marina Square but they didn’t have my size either 😦

    the marina square outlet was offering a 10% discount for the first pair and 20% for the second pair when i was there two weeks ago.

    else, if you wanna get it online, maybe we could split shipping costs…?

    shell says: Oh sheesh. I saw your pair while I was searching for a picture of my pair, and I thought they were LOVELY. I have my reservations about ordering from online leh. Cos I wanna at least be able to try it for comfort and fit before I invest in it. I have fat calves that might not fit… 😦

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