Britney’s new beat: “Gimme More”

Despite her lacklustre (ok fine, downright lousy) performance at the recent MTV Video Music Awards 2007, Britney Spears’ latest single delivers the same dance quality similar to the upbeat tracks from her glorious days.

The new release, produced by Timbaland’s protege Nate Hills, features Spears’ infamous breathy singing heard in tracks “Boys”, “Me Against The Music” and “Slave For You”. Not necessarily an award-winning vocal performance, but it’s almost guaranteed to make the listener feel the urge to bop head along with the catchy bass beats.

I foresee this song blasting in R&B clubs, with women (trying) to dance sexy to it. A song highly suitable for pole-dancing, lap-dancing and random grinding against handsome strangers.

Although she made my jaw drop (in a bad way) with her unenthusiastic performance to the same song at the VMAs, I’m still seeing hope that she can make things right with such a fantastic piece of music. This could be the song to bounce her back up the charts, if only she put in more effort in the campaigns. The VMA opportunity could have been her ticket back to the hot Hollywood A-list, but pity about the lack of professionalism with the half-hearted dancing and lip-syncing.

Fortunately, the failed act has already prepped everyone for a potential flop in the popularity of her upcoming album, so it honestly can’t get any worse. Unless she shaves her head again. Life couldn’t possibly be easy when you’re coping with your multiple roles under the scrutiny of the media.

It could be that I’m empathising with her, being a new mom myself and knowing how stressful it can be just carrying the title of being someone’s mother, but I know a good track when I hear it. Gimme more!!


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