efficiency / tattoos

Sheesh. I fell asleep in the room for three hours when Hubs was settling Josh in for bedtime. And now I am fookin’ wide awake. ๐Ÿ˜•

I guess it must have been the frenzied house-cleaning crammed into an hour that tired me out. Mom-in-law delivered dinner over, and I took the chance to finally clean up the pad. Running on very little sleep and food while being a breastfeeding mom just doesn’t leave you with much energy left for strenuous housechores.

Well, at least now my little flat is spotless. I even managed a load of laundry when Joshua was having his “forced” nap. I had to leave him to cry for about 20 minutes before he concussed and slept for an hour. This boy *sigh* would prefer to play even when he’s already dog tired. No good.


I am considering getting a new tattoo. On the back of my wrist, this time round. Sorry Lian, if I seem like a copycat. Meoooooow~ :mrgreen:

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This idea came about because my current tatts seriously need some touching up because the colours have faded (since eons ago) and have been looking like crap for the longest time. Back then we were trying for a baby, so I didn’t want to get it done until the baby has been created and delivered. Which is like now.

The problem is, getting a touch-up would cost about $50 for the needle and inks, if I got a small brand new tatt I’d probably pay about $80 max, since they’d use the same needle to touch up the rest of my three fucked-up tatts. The skin stretching from pregnancy did my tatts in big time, with a severe stretchmark running across the one on my right hip.

I can only be glad that I didn’t tatt a dolphin round my bellybutton back then. It would probably look like a cross between a zebra and a dolphin right now.

Hubs will be going in to touch up his ankle tatt next week, and he’ll help me check the costs and all. Hopefully I’ll finally get around to fixing mine up after three years’ of procrastination.


Mom-in-law has offered to babysit Joshua on the evenings when I’ll be going to school. Yippee yippe yay yay!

She said that since it’s only for a couple of hours in the evening, she can pop by after they close shop and bring dinner along as well, so I could eat before I head to school. Cool.

That saves us the additional costs of hiring a part-time nanny then. Which means I can abandon the search for a nanny.

I seriously think she’s gotten much nicer after Joshua arrived. But still, she’s got her unique quirks…



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