rants & raves

I am glad that people around us respect my position as Joshua’s mother and never question my actions/intentions. It’s funny how it’s those who don’t have a right to say anything actually comment about everything they can.

I can literally shout at our immediately family members to leave Joshua alone and they would do just that without so much as a squeak. Sometimes they just persist in playing with the boy when I know he is already waiting for them to stop so he can go sleep.

Mother knows, and they know that for a fact.


Mommy needs more me-time for grooming.

I find it hard to face the world if my nails are unkempt. Minimally, it requires a coat of nail whitener and glossy top coat. Thank goodness I was born with nicely shaped nails, so that saves me one step.

My hair has got to be presentable to. Which is why PapaNash kindly sponsored my rebonding so that I can slack off blow-drying and the whole shebang.

My eyebags can turn luminous for all I care, but it’s just not on my list of “must be’s”.


Bless the souls who invented Ben & Jerry’s. I have converted to the common woman who seeks comfort in pints of the creamy goodness. Not because I didn’t discovered its existence earlier in life, but because I never did possess a sweet tooth.

I had my first taste of the famous dessert at 16, when many others had only heard of it from Hollywood films. But it just never stuck well with me because my inner sugar fairy never appeared until I got pregnant with Joshua. From then on, Ben & Jerry’s became a permanent fixture in my freezer.


I am in love with Xtralicious. It’s freaky how similar we are in many aspects, even down to the fact that both our parents claim to have picked us up from the rubbish dump. We are wondering if we could actually have been sisters, heartlessly thrown away by our birth parents. snigger

Hanging out with this woman reinforces my role as a mother, as seeing her with her lovely daughters and yet being able to maintain her appearance, be efficient at work and still do housechores , gives me hope to be able to multi-task and still not turn into a wreak.

Of course, having like-minded females to walk the shops together, with our kids tagging along (watched after by our wonderful men) is just lovely. No awkward displays of frustration from young female friends who cannot understand why we have to stop once again to pacify the baby.

Thanks, babe. You make me feel human and “normal” with your non-judgmental and frank attitude. And you brighten me up with your (albeit sometimes sarcastic) humour.


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