it’s about time.

Would you believe it if I told you that I don’t own a proper timepiece?

It’s absurd, I know. For someone who has recently bought shoes from Aldo and Nue, but actually don’t own a decent watch. I mean, I could easily get a watch from Swatch or even Fossil with the amount paid for the shoes. But nooooooo. I just tend to get caught up in the moment without considering that maybe I should actually get a watch with that money.

Tsk tsk tsk. Women can get really delusional in the shopping mall, when surrounded with beautiful things and a small fortune to spend.

My last watch was a Baby-G, because it was all the rage in my teens and my mom had kindly given in to my whims and gotten me not one, but three, in pink, blue and yellow. How nice.

I fondly recall the days when I would take off my watch for P.E. (aww, those schooldays) and daringly thrown my shockproof digital up the steps of the school stadium. No, it’s not because I don’t care well for my belongings, but because I would often forget to remove my watch (which was mandatory practice in my school) and would have to secretly chuck it up the stairs onto my pile of clothes and belongings before the teacher found out and fucked me upside down for my absentmindedness again.

Those watches were damn hardy and lasted through all my abuse. Although I can’t say the same for their yellowed cracking plastic bits… Which explains why I’m not wearing them despite still having all three of them around.

After the Baby-G/G-shock fad wore thin slightly before I finish secondary school, I somehow got into a habit of not wearing watches. I just relied solely on my mobile phone to tell the time. Which obviously fucks up big time once the phone ran out on battery power. 😐

When I moved in my current place, almost two years ago, Hubs and I had the habit of exploring Bugis Village very often, and that was where I got my first watch in a long long time. A cheap replica of a Guess watch and another cheap replica of a Fossil watch. Given, I would have gotten the real deal, except back then we just didn’t have the financial means to.

So those were the two I would wear all the time, until the stupid “Guess” one died big time by having it’s plastic cover fall off and I could actually touch the watch face. 😕 And now the “Fossil” one has its strap badly chewed up by Cinders.

The last few days that I’ve gone around without wearing a watch, I caught myself stupidly staring at my new tattoo, trying to check the time. Which is outright dumb, since I wasn’t even wearing a watch because doing that would affect the healing process of the tatt.

It’s become a habit for me to routinely check the time, because I always need to keep track of when Joshua needs his next feed. And of course, checking my watch is something I do when bored or in transit.

I think it is HIGH TIME I get a decent timepiece. Those cheap $10 watches don’t last too long, and honestly, I think a grown-up like me should have a proper watch.

Out of the dozens of watches I’ve seen and made an open declaration to Hubs about buying, have either disappeared from the market (because we took so long to get round to it), or somehow completely slipped my mind. So no more delaying, I need a watch ASAP!

Leather Cuff. Style: ES1875 / Leather Cuff. Style: ES1857

I fucking love these leather cuff watches! Please oh please let our local Fossil store carry this one.

Black Carousel Watch from Guess

This is the Guess one of which I got a replica of. And I still want it, but can’t seem to find it anywhere in SG anymore.

Black Ice Cube Watch from Guess

I love how versatile this one can be. Dressed up, dressed down, and even dressed goth/punk!

I really really have to concentrate on looking at watches the next time I go shopping…


One thought on “it’s about time.

  1. I haven’t wore a watch ever since mine was stolen in camp during NS. That was like… 7 to 8 years ago. From then until now, it serves as a clock/watch as well.

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