more weird habits

In addition to the other weird habits that I’ve confessed to having before, here’s some new ones I’ve cultivated:

  • I like to play with water.

Which means frolicking in the rain, excessive showers, swimming until my digits turn into raisins and taking a bit too long to do the dishes.

I also have a tendency to take long showers whenever I am stressed or pissed. Mind you, I fully utilise the running water by washing myself thoroughly from head to toe instead of just standing under the showerhead.

  • I like my fridge to be crammed full of stuff.

Which explains why I sometimes leave very very old food in the fridge even when they’re no longer fit for consumption.

  • I sleep on three pillows under my head, a single quilt folded up underneath me, two bolsters and another pillow propping my feet up. Every night.

Yes I know. I have waaaaaay too many pieces of bedding all to myself. Hey, at least I share the Queen size goosedown quilt with Hubs.

  • I am obsessive compulsive with having nice presentable nails.

I confessed to this in an earlier post.

How’s that for WEIRD?


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