bits & pieces

My tattoos are all healing at different rates.

The left cat eye has fully healed while the right one is still going through that ugly phase of peeling. Eeks. The one on my hip has also peeled off halfway. Double eeks.

Strangely though, the Eye Of Horus is still fully scabbed up and not even flaking in any way yet. Triple eeks to the inconsistency.

How I wish they would all scab up and flake off at the same rate so I can stop looking like I’m some scabby flaky monster.


Hubs let slip when he interrupted my conversation when his niece by saying that Fossil watches don’t cost more than $200. When I confronted him about why he made a statement like that, he said he “of course did research at the shops lah!” There is hope yet for that much coveted Fossil leather cuff watch!!

Sidetracking from the issue, his niece is only 3 years my junior, but she addresses me as “Auntie” and I keep referring to her as “a kid”. Because her behaviour is really kiddish, ok?


I refuse to elaborate on how much the kid’s (see above) incomplete customer service pissed me off when she promoted Amway’s water filtration system to my Mom-in-law.

What I will say is, things are left hanging and the stupid filtration tank blocks my stove, which means I cannot use it at all, because the heat from the flames would melt the bloody plastic tank. Pffffffffft.

This kid was only interested in selling her MLM products and didn’t cover all the aspects necessary for customer satisfaction. That stupid filtration system costs $1600 ok?! At least install it properly for us lah!

She also failed to inform us beforehand that the system requires an electrical outlet, which there is NONE near our kitchen sink, which means we will need to get an electrician in to REWIRE the frickin cables so that we can have an EXTRA powerpoint above my kitchen sink. STUPID SHIT!

Oops. I think I just related the whole damn incident even though I said I’m not going to elaborate. Oh well. snigger


I is doing my nails tonight because there’s a Mid Autumn Festival (commonly referred to as ‘Mooncake Festival’ by gluttony Singaporeans) celebration happening on Saturday.

I want to look polished and not unkempt. Although I must admit that there’s nothing wrong with the previous manicure except that it was starting to chip slightly. Just slightly. I am anal lah, ok?

It’s an annual affair organised by my family’s old neighbours and it has been going on since I was 4. This is one tradition that I’m all too willing to participate it. This year, Joshua will be joining in the festivities too! Except he’s still too young to be totting around with one of those irritating battery-operated lanterns that emit ear-piercing tunes. Thank goodness.


Hubs’ credit card application has be rejected. Oh the horror.

He says God probably thinks we’re not ready. But he’s gonna go apply for that $500 credit limit card because anyone working can qualify for that right?

So we’re kind of fated to be the “scum of the cesspool”.

Doesn’t it make you wonder how we achieve all that we do when we can’t even qualify for a basic credit card??

No, we don’t owe anyone any money. All our bills are cleared monthly with Hubs’ salary. If anything, people owe us money. 😕

Worship us. snigger


2 thoughts on “bits & pieces

  1. Don’t keep saying you are scum of the cesspool leh. You are not what. There are people making way less out there. And if you can clear all your bills on time it means you don’t need a credit card what. Credit cards are only good for discount and so on and not a salary extension mah.

    I use it as a salary extension that is why I am always broke hur hur hur.

    shell says: Must emphasise mah. So people will stop telling us to “sign up for 0% installment plan lor”. 😕 No credit card sign my ass arh?

  2. Credit cards are bit another means of payment mode. We only use it to collect points and krisflyer miles, not as “future money”. So it’s not a must have nor does it mean anything as a “status”.

    What with the credit bureau and what nots, the approval is more stringent these days. You think it’s like ten years ago, even the just graduated can get a card meh…

    shell says: Because of all the bad debts lor. Tsk tsk tsk. 😛

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