slowly wait lor

Hubs called up the only two Fossil stores in Singapore and was told that the leather cuff watches I want are OUT OF STOCK in BOTH colours. Ugh.

The salesperson on the line said that they’ve placed an order for more stock to be shipped here, but they’re not sure when the stock would arrive. šŸ˜

On the bright side, Hubs has gone to check on the Guess Black Ice Cube watch, and is intending to get that one for me first. (Which means there is probably a second.) :mrgreen:

When I coyly asked him about whether there really will be a ‘second’ after the ‘first’, he said “eventually lah”. šŸ˜Æ

Wah lau. Like that win already lor. Because 20 years later is still considered as “eventually”, right?? šŸ˜• Eventually = unspecified amount of time later.


4 thoughts on “slowly wait lor

  1. You might want to check out the OG outlets; they stock Fossil watches too šŸ™‚

    shell says: Yeah. He’s thinking of doing that, but we agreed that the range isn’t as extensive as in the Fossil stores. But no harm trying if we happen to pass by some of the resellers. Thanks for the pointer. šŸ™‚

  2. Don’t be like that.. he is so sweet to bother to buy what you like and to go and check out. Must appreciate ok.

    To me “eventually” simply means when he can afford lah… better that than to exhaust his means and then headache for bills right? And dun think he can only afford it in 20 years’ time right -_-

    POSITIVE thinking ok? šŸ™‚

    shell says: Hahaha. I know lah, and he’s the sweetest man I’ve ever been with. But “eventually” is such a generic term. I don’t like unspecified deadlines. Especially when it requires waiting on my part.

    We always clear the bills the moment his paycheck comes through, so the only sacrifice possible is no more shopping and/or exspanksive dining until next month’s moolah comes in.

  3. Where does he get the money? Really. doesn’t add up.

    shell says: Have you been doing financial calculations for us? Free financial consulting?? šŸ˜› It really depends on how you spend your money, I guess.

    On the days when we’re not out gallivanting and spending money, we actually hardly spend anything, since his mom is more than willing to send free homecooked dinners to us. Joshua is on breastmilk, so that doesn’t cost a cent. You know what? Maybe I’ll just do a detailed blogpost on this. šŸ˜‰

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