the amazing Hubs

Last night was one of the rare times in the recent weeks that I actually fell asleep by 4.30am, and was up fresh at 11. How nice to have a normal sleep routine.

Of course, all the credit goes to Hubs. 😉

I am honestly amazed at how little sleep he can run on these days. He’ll be back in the evening, have dinner, settle down to play with Joshua (and me), and then it’s fighting strange creatures on Diablo 2 all the way til the wee hours after he puts Joshua to bed. And for the past week, he’s been getting up by 8am every morning, when he never used to get out of bed til 8.30 before Joshua came along.

However, he’s been ‘forgetting’ to do his skipping for two weeks. 😆 Something’s got to give, right?

Did I mention he gave me the go ahead to join in the La Senza spree at sgspree?

Something screwed up initially and my order was rejected because the organiser had already reached the capped amount. (Mandrake had to suffer my whining for a good part of the morning because of that.) But due to overwhelming response, she started a second batch! So I chop chop karipok placed my order again and paid up. :mrgreen:

Yeah, I bought ultra tak glam grandma girdle panties to help hold in my flabby tummy. 😳 Until I manage to squeeze time in to go get my bodywraps, I’ll have to rely on the girdle to create the illusion of flat tums.



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