competitive mommies

What’s with these women who would never do more than two sentences of a proper conversation with you, but find no shame in constantly bombarding you with queries of your newborn’s developmental progress and the new mom’s current weight loss?

After the initial “hi, how are you”, comes the endless questions of “how heavy is your son now?”, “he learn to flip over already?”, “he start solids already?”, “you can wear back your pre-pregnancy jeans already?” without even exchanging their own situations with you.

I, for one, am NOT interested in what you have to showoff about your child. And honestly, I don’t see why you should have to care about how fast or slow my son is progressing. He’s happy, he’s healthy, and he’s good. Almost everyone who has met Joshua can vouch that he’s one of the happiest babies around, and it’s probably because we’re all relaxed about everything.

Every child develops at their own pace, and the more you panic, the less of a good mother you’d be, because you’ll be worrying about all that doesn’t really matter instead of just spending time loving your child.


Does it make you feel better than your son weighs only 75% of mine even though yours is 2 weeks older?!

Does it make you feel better that I can understand what my baby is saying and you don’t know shit about what yours is babbling about??

And maybe the reason why you don’t have a clue is because you focus too much on wanting your child to come up tops instead of just embracing whatever he’s learning at his own pace.

Like, for heaven’s sake, go concentrate on loving your kid and NOT on how fast he is hitting developmental milestones.

The one that takes the cake has got to be how these mommies just gather all the info they need from me to make all the comparisons they desire (which is like EVERYTHING they can possibly compare at this age) and then they just BUGGER OFF and GO MISSING ON MSN.


Nabeh chaocheebye, you siphon all the info from me and then you don’t even have the FUCKING DECENCY to say goodbye or good night?! KNN LAH!

After falling for these traps a handful of times, I am thereby announcing that I am going to BLOCK all these idiotic mommies from my MSN. FOREVER.

Thank you very much, but I don’t need such competitive mothers around. You can envy my son, my husband and me all you want.

I’ll even give you a picture perfect family too ogle at while you thump on your chest in frustration.

Family forward 16Sep07

Yes, MamaShell looks berry pwetty (albeit flabby). The arms can’t be saved anymore!!!!!! πŸ˜†

PapaNash and BabyJosh just look stoned. Neither of them knows how to smile for the camera except for camwhore me. :mrgreen:

Now shoo, competitive mommies, go tear your hair out at my bootiful face.


4 thoughts on “competitive mommies

  1. very nice family pic! mamashell looks very pwetty! papanash handsum! and most imptly!!! babyjoshie, is soooooooo cute.. Those “come-pinch-me” cheeks! kekekee

    shell says: After a baby comes into the picture, the adults just don’t shine out as much… 😦

  2. Hi Babe,

    Karen here..

    Joshua looks really really cute..Remember what we said about Mummies like this? Heh, seems like they really are everywhere..

    Glad you are coping and adapting to motherhood well..Keep it up babe! πŸ™‚

    Cheers / Karen

    PS: You look VERY good now, babe!

    shell says: I miss you!! But so hardly active on MSN during the daytime…

  3. Oh, I know the type. And they bore me to tears. Always the need to win, the need to be perfect and their farts don’t stink. *yawn*

    shell says: Maybe they really don’t fart? πŸ˜†

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