not again…

I laid in bed for an hour. But I just couldn’t fall asleep.

What the hell is wrong with me?!

Please feel free to ignore the insomniac ramblings below.

I had my sashimi craving satisfied today. And I even walked the shops to break that dreading weekday monotony. I even got a new mouse to replace that wonky old one that’s been overworked for three years. Albeit I must admit, seeing the top I bought online from La Senza in the Plaza Singapura outlet did piss me off a fair bit. Like DUH, I bought it because they weren’t in the local stores, and then AFTER I buy it, you darned La Senza people bring it in. =_=”

I saw a couple of clothing items I want to get from Dorothy Perkins (what’s new?), but this coming month is STRICTLY no shopping (or so the budget says). The rainy season is approaching and I haven’t gotten my Hunter Wellies yet. 😦 What’s worse, I haven’t even gone round to Pedder Red to view and try them on yet. What if they’ve already ran out of stock/sizes/colors?! 😕

I was thinking, if I am only allowed to pick ONE “big-ticket” item (which is a low 3-digit figure), what should I choose?

Hunter Wellies that i absolutely adore but would hardly wear more than once every fortnight (unless it rains perpetually)? ($175)

Or that Guess watch boxset that comes with 2 interchangeable leather straps? ($143-ish)

Or be deadset against that Fossil cuff watch that could just grow loose from extensive wearing and render it unsturdy?

Eeeks. Why can’t everyone have everything they want?!

Like what Hubs always says, “衣服是买不完的”, so I should probably just concentrate on getting my big-ticket items. First. :mrgreen:

But, UGH *tears hair out*, which one?!?

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that bling-bling ring I saw at SK jewellery. $699. Hmmph. Cheap for diamonds, but I can buy so much other stuff with that money.

And where am I supposed to wear that bling-ring even if we bought it???

Sometimes, not having enough cash to splurge is a good thing.


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