yoo-hoo, where are you?

I is frantically searching for my UHU (affectionately pronounced as ‘ooh-who’) glue stick.

Because I have decided to embark on the most childish task of making a scrapbook.

It will contain pictures of pretty things that I have cut out from magazines. And I will paste them all into my A6 sketchbook.


I know somehow that after I buy a BRAND NEW STICK tomorrow, I will find that old stick of UHU sitting innocently somewhere. Things like that always happen, don’t they?

But I is want to start on that scrapbook NOW NOW NOW! 😦

After frantically searching the house for that elusive tube of UHU glue, I think I can safely conclude that it is not here. Maybe I left it in one of my previous abodes.

I think I’ll need a pair of scissors as well. Cos I wanted to start cutting out pictures, but realise we only have ONE pair of GIANT kitchen scissors in the entire home. πŸ˜•

Screw it, maybe I should just do a digital scrapbook.


So I started a new blog, thinking of compiling a digital scrapbook of the “Lusts and Musts” of future shopping… But then… NO KICK LEH!

I think I’ll just go buy my necessary stationery when the shops open.


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