being unappreciative

So Hubs came home last night, with dinner, half a dozen of Beard Papa’s Chocolate Eclair Puffs, a big tube of ooh-who glue, and a 7″ by 7″ lineless notebook.

I mean, I appreciate his gestures and all, but I had already conjured up a new plan of pasting pictures of my lust objects (cut out from magazines) onto plain A4 paper (recycled is better for the environment). This way, not only can I easily trash away the items I no longer want/need, I can still sort them out into categories!! I can go by type (eg: footwear, accessories, etc) or by price (below $100, $101-$200, etc).

But now he has gone and bought a notebook for me as a surprise, I cannot classify my stuff into categories anymore!!! 😦

Call me an unappreciative bitch, but I am anal when it comes to sorting out my stuff. Please look at my blog categories. 😆

Like that how?!


3 thoughts on “being unappreciative

  1. was very very tempted to start a scrapbook too..
    but of pics of my frens and i..

    u can use the bk he bought to doodle insteaD??

    shell says: I can’t doodle for fuck’s sake. Stick figures are going to be such a waste of paper. 😆

  2. just use the notebook for the items you really really want eg. the ultimate lust item of each category

    shell says: Wah. Cannot lah. I don’t have that many “ultimate” items since anything I want enough to cut out would all be “ultimate” anyway. Hahaha. 😆

  3. i only had beard papa once. thanks to everyone’s rave reviews, i expected too much from it. so disappointed. i felt like a deflated puff after eating it. :/

    shell says: Always take reviews/recommendations with a pinch of salt lah. Not everyone likes the same thing.

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