2 days’ disappearing act

My Hubs is wonderful (despite all his “eventually” promises). He let me stay out on Saturday til past 3am, chilling out at Uncle Henry’s place watching the first six episodes of ‘Heroes’. I is hooked!

And oh how the uncle tsk-tsks in amusement at my constant use of “I is”, “you is” and “we is”. *chuckles* I told him its a virus that’s hitting everyone young enough to catch it. πŸ˜† So he just repeats “I is?!” (with a hopeless shake of his head) after me each time I use it.

Anyways, I met Miss Sandra with her boisterous mother and her baby Jordan. Her baby didn’t like me much. And her mother… is so scary… πŸ˜†

Lunch was an expensive cheena affair at Lao Beijing (θ€εŒ—δΊ¬). *shudders at the $120 bill for 3 adults* Lucky Uncle Henry is always the one who foots the bills whenever we eat out together. And he usually still leaves tips. =_=” Hopefully one day we will also be as rich as that.

Joshua went for his FIRST EVER dip at Uncle Henry’s condo pool in the late afternoon of Saturday, with PapaNash as his float. (I is still to fat to flaunt publicly in a bikini, and I still don’t own any one-piece swimsuits.)

The boy was initially wary of so much water, but eventually *giggles at the word ‘eventually’* started to enjoy the water very much, being the water-baby that he is. But when some little girl accidentally kicked a wave of water rightsmack into the boy’s face, causing him to spurt out water from his mouth and nose, he screamed and it was the end of his water play.

It took a couple repetitions of voicing out my empathy for him, and reassurance that it happens to all of us, to calm him down from the ordeal.

Sorry, no pics. I forgot to bring out my phone to the pool and couldn’t be fucked to sashay all the way back to the apartment in my 3-inchers just to get it. Next Saturday he’ll be going for another dip, and hopefully this time round I’d snap him wearing his sexy black swimming trunks.

Hubs brought Joshua over to the in-laws’ shophouse for a family dinner after the boy woke up from his post-dip nap. Funny how I am actually allowed to skip a “family dinner”. And funny how Boy didn’t do anything but dip in the water and yet he got so tired. Until NOW. Good for mommy and daddy!! We get lots of timeout!!!!!! snigger

But Boy is not dumb. He’s been slightly cranky all day because he’s too tired to play for long. He’s good only for a while after 30-minute naps, and then he starts cranking up again.

Fortunately I slept in late today til about 4, so PapaNash endured the cranky boy alone and still managed to do two loads of laundry). I only came into the picture whenever it was time for a feed. I is evil mommy/wifey. :mrgreen:

And I still have the cheek to grin and chuckle. :mrgreen:

Little boys and single men, heed my warning and never marry someone like me okay? Unless you have aspirations of being a woman’s man-slave.

P.S. Please go “visit” Joshua on Xtralicious’ blog. She’s got pics to prove that Joshua hates the camera. Any camera.



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