damn the cycle

The monthly curse is back to haunt. Like bloody clockwork. (Pun not intended.)

And along with it, comes a slew of crankiness from everyone.

Mine from the onslaught of crazed menstrual hormones, now free from the control of contraceptive elements, and obviously taking its chance to payback.

Joshua’s, possibly affected by the fluctuating hormonal levels from my breastmilk during this bloody period (pun intended).

Hubs’, from dealing with one cranky woman and one fussy baby.

Somehow this makes me feel like I have the sole ability to drive everyone (including myself) insane. How powerful. *flexes biceps with a winning smile*

And it is also usually during this period of few days where Hubs seems to be the least caring towards my havoc cravings.

I had made it known before 11pm that I wanted french fries dipped in a hot fudge sundae. And he said “later”. Until now it’s past 1.45am, and McDonald’s would be washing their ice-cream machine. Which means no ice-cream of any sort for sale. Which SUCKS big time.

They’re opened 24 hours, alright. Except they don’t serve the full menu round the clock. It’s not lying. It’s called “withholding certain information” and you’re always safer reading the fine print.

By the way, if you’re interested to know, check out their various terms and conditions for McDelivery. It may also interest you to know that even if you were to walk-in to get coffee, it would also not be available between 3-4am. 😕

But you know what? I’m more pissed at Hubs than at Maccas.

Update @ 7.11am:

So Hubs called up all the major Macca outlets (probably because the wife was making too much noise), and found out that they were still serving ice-cream after 2am at Scotts Isetan and East Coast. So we journeyed to Scotts on cab, leaving Boy sound asleep at home. (He doesn’t wake up til dawn to have his milk anyway.)

I is happy with my french fries + sundae craving fulfilled. 🙂

I even managed to have my hot mocha, albeit not at my usual emo haunt by the seaside.


One thought on “damn the cycle

  1. I thought it’s already well know they served different food at different hours?

    shell says: Not a different menu, per se. If you refer to their terms & conditions, you will see the following:

    McFlurry™ and Sundae are not available from 2am – 6am.

    Big Mac™, Double Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Hamburger and Grilled Chicken Foldover are not available from 3am – 4am.

    Premium coffee are not available from 3am to 4am.

    That’s what I meant lah.

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