super short shorts

I went to collect my package at the post office, bright and early, and eagerly went home to try on my two new items.

The hot pink shorts turned out to be so short that it’s waaaay too indecent for public view (it’s almost like panties!!), which means it would be reserved for Hubs’ eyes only.

I texted him about the boo-boo, and his response was “Ha ha ha. I like!” Phew.

But then this also means that I have no new shorts to lounge around in. And no new addition to satisfy the shorts fetish in me.

I am tempted, once again, to buy some other shorts from some other shopping site. But erm… I thought I’m not supposed to have any shopping budget for this month?? ๐Ÿ˜›

Okay lah. I think I give up on buying clothes online from unfamiliar brands. Especially from sites where the description is not clear enough to inform me that the shorts are meant to be so tiny that half your ass sticks out.

Going on a tangent, I think Victoria’s Secret items are way overpriced and overrated.

I’ll be out for lunch and dinner today, and in between the two appointments, I’m going to walk the shops (again). Hopefully I’ll find nice cheap shorts to satisfy me! I think it’s really time to make a trip to our neighbouring country for F.O.S and Vincci shopping.



One thought on “super short shorts

  1. Have you checked out Mango? I scored 2 pairs of corduroy shorts during the Isetan sale last week – one black, one brown. They only cost $27 each! (Usual price is $30). Low-rise and uber comfy! Think US size 6 or 8 would be good for you ๐Ÿ™‚ They expand a bit after wash/prolonged wear.

    Otherwise, you can check out the shorts/bermudas on the Mango online store:

    I think M)phosis has pretty decent shorts as well.. but slightly pricier than the Mango ones.

    Have fun shorts-hunting!

    shell says: Low-rise is sexy and good, but hor… my stretchmarks and flabby tummy will probably take the opportunity to stick out over the top.

    Thanks for the info anyway. Will definitely go shop around (with Hubs’ financial approval).

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