something good out of the gloom

This almost made me split my sides.

Comic courtesy of PBF.

Remember, boys and girls, do not accept if seal is broken!! cgp


Another GREAT thing, I won two CD hampers from Power 98! :mrgreen:

If you were tuned in to the station around 6.15 to 6.30pm, you would have heard me answering Beng Sua’s Tricycle Music correctly, winning myself a prize!!

I is so happy!!!!! This is the first time I’ve won something from the station’s games (despite this being the third time I’ve been on the radio). But before this, I’ve also won premiere tickets to Night Watch and participated in the relevant games prior to the screening.

Like I said before, I heart Power 98! :mrgreen:

Now I just have to remember to call their office tomorrow during office hours to inquire about my prize collection.

God says, “Cannot go shopping nevermind! God let you win CDs ok??”



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