quiet comfort

Not so long ago, there were too many nights when all I had was the company of my electronic devices. The telly, radio, laptop with internet access… And it was those nights when the husband worked late that I craved having a little baby to keep me company.

The cat, well, never did do much in terms of accompaniment.

And strangely now, when the baby has already entered the picture slightly more than four months ago, I am enjoying this while Hubs is having a rare late night in the office.

I dimmed the lights, like any self-appreciating Emo Queen would. (Physical imperfections are played down in low lighting, you see.) Put on some orange essence oil in the burner, a relaxing Bossa Nova album in the player, and just… chill.

I can’t remember when was the last time I successfully managed to just relax in my own home. But it should be pretty long ago, judging by how much I am enjoying this right now.

The boy went to bed by 10, which was great timing for me to watch CSI and Fashion Police quietly. With a pack of chips. Snacking while watching TV is hardly a mother’s luxury, since you never know when the kid will suddenly be screaming for attention again. But since he had gone to bed for the night, I was free. *flaps arms like a bird*

I emo better at home alone, I guess.

Well, not that I am “alone” per se. But alone enough.

Tomorrow I have tai-tai activities planned out. A slimming session, coffee with myself and some reading material, walk the shops maybe. My dad is coming over to take over Boy, as he’s off for the entire week due to the oncoming Hari Raya festivities.

And maybe, if his old haggard soul can keep up with babysitting, Hubs and I could steal some time away in the evening to soak up the atmosphere of the bustling Hari Raya pasar malam at Geylang Serai.

We’ve done it annually since meeting each other in 2004, and I don’t intend to change anything this year.

Nights like these, being alone at home, I think I should do more often. (At the expense of Hubs putting in free over-time at the office.)


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