literally shitty

I’ve gone and sat on the loo countless times since last night.

I don’t know is it the yummilicious Ramly burger I had at the Geylang Serai pasar malam last night, or my taitai-esque slimming+wrap session. But all my output are super floaters and resemble very closely to the kind of oily waste that people discharge when they’re on Xenical.

Except mine doesn’t leak out onto my panties. Thankfully.

On a brighter note, I’d swear my tummy is flatter now. Although I’m not entirely keen to go back to the slimming centre and have them pushing sales-talk to me trying to get me to sign up for more sessions. Like, where do I find the opportunity to go in?!

I’ve got 2 blardy kilos of water weight, as proven by the fat analysis done at the nutritionist’s office yesterday. But my muscle mass has also gone up by almost 1 kg. It must be from lifting the 7.5kg boy into the air multiple times a day.

I bought my first “branded” lipstick yesterday. Clinique’s Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick in Cranberry Cream. It was $31, more costly than any lipstick I’ve ever bought, and I love the packaging!

It’s a neutral red that can go with everything I wear, and it’s not drying like the usual lipsticks that I’ve been wearing. Despite it not being touted as a “long-lasting” lipstick, the colour still wears on pretty decent after chomping my way through a Ramly burger and a couple of drinks, lasting a decent 3 hours before fading to a nice rosy tint on my lips.

I couldn’t be happier that I’ve found a wonderful lip shade for myself. Now I’m contemplating on getting a nude shade from them as well, but that one’s no hurry.


One thought on “literally shitty

  1. very exciting shit entry! you know, too much kfc has the same effect. think there’s so much oil your body can’t process it. i tell myself that so kfc isn’t soooo guilt-inducing.


    shell says: KFC is not my thing. It’s just not very nice anymore leh…

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