I *heart* pasar malams

We went to the Geylang Serai Hari Raya pasar malam again.

Being completely bored after watching “Ghost Whisperer”, I was whining (what’s new) about how bored I was. I did feel better after having a small cup of dark chocolate gelato, but it didn’t change the fact that there wasn’t much to do. And what a pity cos Joshua had already been snoozing in bed since 10.30pm!!

Suddenly it struck me.

We should go to the last day of the Hari Raya pasar malam!!! We both want to have that same delicious Ramly burger again anyway.

Hubs said to change fast and get out so we could be back by the time Joshua would possibly wake for milk again. So we got out in a jiffy (I went out barefaced!) and caught a cab.

The moment we arrived at the destination, Hubs drew my attention to a certain gold colour bag. He asked that I give a closer look, and despite liking it very much, I knew I’m not supposed to be doing any sort of unnecessary buying. (*ahem* Ignore my Clinique lipstick, ok? :mrgreen: )

But he said that it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, the right size, colour and with the many external and internal compartments that are prerequisites of the bags I buy. So he said, “Buy lah. I say can. Treat it as your motivational present for starting school.” Wah, so good. Starting school also got present…  😆

And so it became mine. Last piece some more. I heart my new bag!

My auntified Hubs even bargained with the stall-owner and got a $3 discount off the original $35. W00t! Three cheers for domesticated husbands!

We were back home within 3 hours. It felt sooooo festive to be part of the joyous crowd. This is probably the ONLY kind of sardine squashing that I enjoy doing. 😛

We had our date night not once, but twice this week. Both times to Geylang Serai, reminiscent of the times we went during previous years as non-parents.

What can I say, except that I am one happy girl this week!!


One thought on “I *heart* pasar malams

  1. Hi Shelly,

    That new silver bag of yours is very nice! Congratulations on your new buy 🙂


    shell says: Thank you! The colour didn’t show up very well, but it’s supposed to be a light gold colour. 🙂

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