sick sick sick

I am sick as a dog. (The origins of this expression still eludes me, but whatever.)

It started on Sunday night, when the tummy started to do it’s thang again. Then the pain hit me. It’s like blardy labour contractions, except it’s higher up, right smack in my middle instead of at the nether regions.

I starting wincing in pain. And whining. Oh the pain…

Warm drinks seem to make it worse, and cold drinks obviously didn’t help either. And being the diva that I am, I just don’t do drinks at room temperature. :mrgreen:

Hubs forced me to take a Panadol Extra, and forced me to go to bed.

I had insisted that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep because of all the pain, but heck, I went out like a light anyway. I guess our bed was more sleep-inducing than I gave it credit for.

I woke on Monday morn pretty much paralysed from the bodyache, so Hubs took a half-day off and came home to watch the boy while I slept the day away.

And I meant literally sleeping the day away. I only woke periodically to nurse the boy, and to call Hubs to urge him home soon soon soon. It was raining cats and dogs (another expression I never understood) and Joshua never took to thunder very well. Not to mention my disinterest in playing with him means that he gets pretty bored.

Hubs was home by 2pm with Teochew fish porridge for me. I couldn’t take anything more than a few mouthfuls, so he finished up the rest while I scooted my ass back to bed.

By the time I properly woke in the evening, Boy was more than glad to see me “alive” again. He kicked his chubby little legs in excitement, and asked for a hug. Honestly, it was really weird to have that little interaction with him the entire day. I probably missed him as much as he missed me.

When I asked Hubs if watching Boy on weekdays was any different from the weekends, he lamented, “I didn’t even have time to have a cigarette.”

Haha! And now you know!

Joshua has a split personality of sorts. Weekday fussy personality, and weekend easy-going personality. And of course, being the stay-home mommy meant that I got the short end of the stick most of the time.

On the bright side, I’ve loaned the “Heroes” Season One boxset from Uncle Henry and Hubs spent yesterday catching up with me. Last night we already caught episode 7 and 8 together. Oh the suspense! We are so going to chiong the series every night.

And I’m apparently bouncing back to health quite speedily. Hubs is back to work today, and so am I. Ugh.



3 thoughts on “sick sick sick

  1. Oh u poor thing… if the pain occurs again it wud be wise to see the doc…. not supposed to have sharp pains too often after c-sec. Best of health to u girly!!! and oh yr little boy is sooooo cute!!!

    shell says: Thanks for the concern and the compliments. I will monitor the pains. šŸ™‚

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