like teenage tiffs

I detest childish idiots who impose their views on others. Even more to those who are obtuse to your supporting statement even though you have stated the facts so blatantly.

Just because you think something is fab, doesn’t mean that the whole world has to agree with you. Grown-ups accept the fact that everyone has differing views. Lament, if you will, but never try to impose your views on others.

Or worse, to malign others and put words into their mouths just because you don’t like the fact that they represent a different opinion.


This is like the everlasting battle between starstruck teenagers, who each idolises a different pop idol or group.

Idiot A: 5566 is the BEST!
Idiot B: No. N’Sync is TONS better!
Idiot A: You’re stupid, that’s why you like N’sync!
Idiot B: Well, you’re cheena, that’s why you like 5566!!

And the argument goes on forever, because simply, there is no right or wrong in this matter.

You support what you like, and other people can worship what they adore. Why insist that they have to be on your side, sharing your likes and dislikes? Why censor someone else’s thoughts just because they are different from yours?

Is it the society here that converts people into groupies? Making it that everyone has to support the same cause and express the same views?

It’s starting to sound like what the Men in White want us to be. United, with no views of our own. Just clones running the rat race, chasing that elusive 5C dream, only to let it all go the moment you close your eyes forever.

Sometimes, I think I have to learn and be more forgiving towards such immature motherfuckers. It’s only right they deserve our pity for being stuck in a teenage psychological rut.

Yes, I think I really have a superiority complex. So sue me. :mrgreen:


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