weekly update with video!

This week, we have ONE picture of the blur sotong PapaNash and his adorable BabyJosh.

19-10-07_blur dad and son

Notice how he’s eyeing the food on the table? He has a tendency of doing that.

And then a video of the giggling/laughing Joshua!

We were looking for a toy to fit onto his pram, so that he would entertain himself while we eat instead of kicking up a fuss each time because he’s bored. We went to Carrefour and dangled various toys (one by one of course) in front of him, and he took interest in exploring some, but none made him laugh the same way this one did!

When we were decided which colour we wanted to get for him, he started frowning and (pretend) crying, because he wanted the toy back. So we weren’t really left with much choice but to get it for him.

Heck, you guys should have seen the look on the proud father’s face when he picked out that magical toy that causes non-stop laughter.

I guess that must be one of those moments when parents suddenly forget how troublesome it is to bring up a child. snigger


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