front and back

Joshua’s officially learnt how to turn over on his own on Sunday.

I didn’t mention this earlier because I wasn’t sure if it was just a lucky strike, or has he really learnt the skill. But seeing him turn over countless times today, it’s quite confirmed.

The funny thing now is, he doesn’t know how to turn back. And he’ll lie on his tummy screaming for someone to come turn him onto his back. cgp

On an unrelated note, Hubs was doing push-ups on the kitchen floor just now because the rain wasn’t conducive for him to go jump rope downstairs (we have a damn low ceiling so he can’t do it indoors), and I could see his V-shaped back fighting hard to emerge through the layers of flab accumulated through the months of eating suppers with a then-pregnant me.

Fortunately for me, nursing the boy helped shed away quite a bit of the fats. PapaNash, on the other hand, would have to work out hard to get back in shape.

But, ignoring my digression, I couldn’t resist staring at him while he was on the floor, pumping his muscles. Hey, if all else fails, at least he’s still got a sexy back! snigger


4 thoughts on “front and back

  1. The way you described him screaming for help is cute enough. Please post more video of Joshua, he is lovely!

    shell says: It ain’t easy to capture him in film. He always turns into a statue with no expression when he realises the cam is on him. But I’ll keep trying.

  2. Yay Josh, next to learn how to crawl around driving mummy shell nuts! 😛
    Just the other day, I spotted some white peeking through J’s lower gums. They grow so fast don’t they!!!

    shell says: By “J” did you mean Jordan or Joshua? 😆

    Yeah, teething is the next thing on my “Terror List”. *panics*

  3. Didn’t know you have a 2nd baby called Jordan :O

    shell says: I thought you meant YOUR son Jordan had some white peeking out mah… :mrgreen:

    I think with each other, we should not refer to our sons as “J”. Very confusing for bimbotic me.

  4. Dear, of course I was referring to my son !!!! You mean your J also has white showing through his gums? eeeeks, we’re in trouble. I guess if we want to use J, have to use ‘your J’ and ‘my J’… haha.

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