Imagine winning an auction being the lowest unique bidder… Say, maybe getting that coveted Prada bag at $10.01?

Sounds unbelievable, but that’s how it works at!

You might find it too good to be true, but considering the fact that you’ll be charged a “processing fee” (subjected to 7% GST) which varies for individual bid items with EACH bid you make, it’s not hard to see where the siteowners will be getting their earnings from.

I can already foresee hardcore bidders placing multiple bids for the item of their choice, hoping to be the lowest unique bidder, therefore paying the “processing fee” multiple times. All in hope of bringing home their “steal” at “close-to-nothing”.

Which honestly, isn’t “nothing” since they’ve probably paid a small fortune through all the “processing fees”.

And even though you’d be given 50 T-points (1 T-point equivalent to $1) upon registration, you might never have the chance to use them to pay for your winning bids. Honestly, what are the odds of winning a bid amongst the hundreds and thousands of bidders for the same item?

Fortunately, there’s a quota for numbers of members who can bid for each auction, so that might possibly up your chances of being “the one”.

But nonetheless, it does make your heart pump faster thinking about how you could possibly get a brand new Sony PS3 at $7.93 (winning bid price also subject to 7% GST), overlooking the processing fee.

At the end of the day, it’s all about bidding strategy and a lot of luck. I am soooo going to place a bid for each of shopping spree vouchers. :mrgreen:


6 thoughts on “

  1. eh eh.. jin steady.. we both blogged abt the same thing… hahaha

    Great Minds Tink alike

    shell says: And the next line in the saying is, “Fools don’t differ”. :mrgreen:

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