achievement of the day

To coin a term from the barflies, I is jin clever.

From knowing nothing about connecting GlossyBlack to the Internet, to successfully saving our home’s wifi connection on it within an hour. Simply through some online research at and accessing our Linksys setup page.

It was more tricky than simply searching for our home wifi network and typing in the WEP key. Because somehow, the WEP saved on my iBook is different from the one listed in the Linksys setup. Somehow, there is an extra “0x” in front of the original 10-digit password. Don’t ask me why. Must be some Mac thingy.

But hey, I consider this great for a chick. Most girls are supposed to be techno-goons. (Note how I emphasise on “supposed”, because there chicks who are tons better at techno-shite than some men.)

I am feeling smug.
Now, time to download the MSN for DS homebrew and try IM-ing on my DS!


One thought on “achievement of the day

  1. so crefer, must teach me how to do it. my DS is rotting away in some corner again.

    shell says: One day when we meet again on the intarweb, my dear. And you actually don’t have your hands full with YOUR J. :mrgreen:

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