eating steak alone

I was craving steak halfway into the class last night, and because a friend I was supposed to meet bailed on me due to work commitments, I had to go satisfy that craving ALONE. Any attempts of calling up friends to meet last minute were bashed.

One had an eye infection and was going to retire for the night. One was stuck at the chiropractor’s, apparently with needles stuck into her neck and shoulders. Another one was just on the way home from work (at 10pm!) and “dead tired”.

Now now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating outdoors alone. Plenty of people do it, by choice or by default, during their lunch hour at work or simply because they enjoy the peace and quiet. But me, ahhh, I’m an oddball.

I could never stomach eating outside alone. I find it… weird. What do you do while waiting for your food? Stare into space?? And doesn’t it seem a bit too lonely while you dissect your medium rare piece of beef, and savoring the entire experience by yourself?

Given a choice, I would usually rather have something on the go, than to sit in a restaurant on my own, chewing away at my meal. Which probably explains why I had all these gastric pains in days pre-Hubs, since I’d rather skip proper meals than to eat alone.

But last night, the hunger was unbearable. And so was the craving. So I headed to Cineleisure’s Chicago Steakhouse for a steak.

Wonder of wonders, as they’re opened til 1am everyday (last order approx 30 minutes before). Which means anyone can basically have their steak craving fulfilled even at goddamn 2359hours. Yippee!

To avoid looking like a sad little loony with no friends, I bought a magazine from the nearby 7-11, so that I’d have something to browse while I was waiting for my food.

But heck, I still find it weird to be staring at surroundings while I chewed my food.

Nonetheless, I survived the ordeal. The ordeal of eating in a restaurant ALONE.


5 thoughts on “eating steak alone

  1. i enjoy eating out alone sometimes. in fact i look forward to it. no rushing to finish. no need to rack brains to come up with conversation… just me and my food… uninterrupted, intimate time alone with my best friend – me!

    shell says: I’m not that much at peace with myself, I guess. 😳

  2. after a while, i stopped eating alone coz i prefer eating with company. if i’m to eat alone, then i’ll tapau and eat somewhere else. if i have to sit down and eat alone, it’ll be best if i have the laptop with me to look like i’m damn hardworking!

    shell says: Hehe. Same here. Pretend like I’m rushing some school project and need to eat and work at the same time. Also, no need to face people who might give you weird looks for being a lone diner.

    Personally, I tend to prefer cafe settings since no one eyes you as much.

  3. wished i was there with you babe… 😦 sorry abt it..

    shell says: It’s ok, you silly girl. We all have our own priorities what. Next time! πŸ™‚

  4. i think there’s something with girls eating alone?

    i like a long uninteruppted meal.

    shell says: I also like a long uninterrupted meals. But not alone. With company doesn’t mean that you’d be interrupted, ok? I’m thinking more of no crazy baby yelling to eat our food, who is obviously waaaaaaaay too young to even have steak. πŸ˜•

  5. Now if only you could have called ME instead, I AM still craving for steak y’know.

    shell says: That was on Thursday night, which you still had school to attend on Friday morn. It was out at Orchard, and I had no idea how you were supposed to get home AFTER having that steak. Thus I didn’t call. :mrgreen: Valid enough?

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