some unusual shopping

Fionana’s 21st birthday present… snigger Shhh… It’s a secret until Sunday’s bash itself.

Ingrown hairs prevention cream (for you-know-where) and ceramic nail file from STRIP… Yes, ceramic. My nails are THAT hard.

Bio-essence face firming cream, with free cleanser given… This shit SERIOUSLY works! But beware the tingling sensation after application. ($39.90 from Watsons)
Some amazing sponge thingy called “Kenassy” that removes hairs from arms and legs… You just rub it in circular motions gently, and PRESTO, the fine hairs are GONE! ($8.50 from Ngee Ann City Watsons)

This has got to be the weirdest shopping haul in some time.

I was going to get the Wakilala underarm clear essence too, because of these ugly pigmentation marks on my pits, but I forgot to pass it to Hubs to pay up. 😕 Silly me. Watsons was closing already, so I decided to leave it for another day.

Then there’s the Mustela cream that I want to get for Joshua’s dry and eczema prone skin (inherited from PapaNash no doubt). We can’t forever be relying on Hydrocortisone cream to clear it everytime it appears. It’s a steroid cream, so better not use too much of it. Anyways, prevention is always better than cure!

We are DEFINITELY going back to the same Watsons next weekend and hauling back more toiletries for the three of us. (But mostly for me, since I am the Queen of Toiletries.) :mrgreen:


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