I’m contemplating coming back. You know, blogging and all?

But contemplation being that, it’s still not certain what my course of action will be.

Thank you for all the concern shown over MSN and SMSes. Everything is jolly well, judging by “normal” standards, but I guess it’s just an matter of personal expectations.

But I feel quite good today. Hubs bought me a pair of Calvin Klein cotton girl boxers to lounge at home in. And a bra. 36C. I think this boob shrinking has got to stop sometime soon, before my “lady lumps” go into a state of nonexistence.

I’m shallow. Buying pretty things make me happy. snigger

And maybe, it was really just the PMS.

Life without hormonal control sucks.

Saturday: Boy’s usual weekend swim (if weather permits) and some more shopping for MamaShell. The wishlist is all ready to be crossed out. :mrgreen:


2 thoughts on “possibilities

  1. =\ Sorry haven’t been logging in… been really busy lah. Mood swings suxxorz. Makes all things that are usually amusing appear all shitty. Bah.

  2. Once stop blogging, very difficult to start…
    Like my blog, kinda dead since I started my attachment…
    Not much time and energy left for indepth thinking…

    shell says: But my posts no need brains one… 😆 Bimbo posts!

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