blah blah blah blah

Blood-laced mucus/phlegm. Origins unknown.

But the itchy throat, sniffling nose and occasional hacking cough explains part of it.


Surviving Period Day 2 on a Monday. It’s 5.45pm and I’m glad we’ve almost pulled through it. Not much longer til Daddy-O comes home with a scrumptious feel-good dinner for moi.

I love Joshua for his amazing ability to self-entertain (with his army of telly, toys, binkie and beansprout pillow) on the days when I am handicapped from hormonal overdrive.


These days, the boy somehow resigns to fate when he flips onto his belly and can’t flip back.

He just falls asleep on his tummy after a series of soft whiny groans to himself.

Helping him flip back each time he gets stuck is just going to create his reliance on us to “rescue” him. Sometimes, only tough love will help you learn.


It is official. Joshua is allergic to oysters.

So that means no more of those slimy shelled critters for MamaShell until the boy weans fully.


Speaking of which… This boy has got an insatiable appetite. He just wants to eat his cereal all the time. Whenever it’s his meal time, or whenever we’re out in a restaurant eating.

I guess he just wants to be “part of the action”. Glutton!!


There’s a newfound use to Glossy Black. It helps me fall asleep.

All I have to do is snuggle in bed, turn it on, and play some games before Sandman dumps a bagfull of sleep-dust on me. Then I’d be forced to surrender and quit my game halfway.

I gave up a highscoring game of Solitaire because of the drowsy effects it brings. Damn.


And oh, Boy has learnt to remove the binkie, fiddle around with it, then put it back into his mouth.

Ultra coolness.


2 thoughts on “blah blah blah blah

  1. Can we see video of Joshua flipping? I put my gal on her tummy sometimes and she will also scream… She is only 3 months old, i’m a cruel mom…

    shell says: Hmm… I’ll see if I can do that.

    Well, you’re not cruel. We are supposed to give our babies “tummy time” so that they won’t develop a “flat head” at the back from too much laying down. Also, it provides the opportunity for them to practise lifting their heads. But of course, babies seem to have a mind of their own about what they want to do and not… :mrgreen:

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