familiar pleasures

** Below is a complete work of fiction, a figment of my imagination. Real life just isn’t as romantic, you know? **

He beckoned me to draw closer to him, in a sexy low growl. “Come over here”, he said.

When I sat myself down on a corner of the bed, he sat up and gestured me to his lap. “Here.”

I didn’t question why, neither did I want to. The urge to be within his arms was immense, yet the resentment and fear weighed heavily on me. I did as I was told, not like I knew what else to do anyway.

It felt dangerous to be in such close proximity to him, as if I was playing with fire. Yet the thrill was so great, it was hard to put up a fight with logic.

As I eased myself onto his lap, I felt the bulge in his satin boxers press against me. It felt too good. I had to clear my throat to get a grip on myself, hoping that the faked cough would purge out any lustful thoughts in my mind.

As he ran his fingers through my hair, he placed his face on the back of my neck, inhaling deeply as he completed the slow caress.

He planted kisses along my shoulder. Soft and smoldering, each one tempting me to cross the line, to return the sensual favour.

“You have no idea how bad I want you right now.”

His raspy whisper into my ear sent shivers running down my spine. I bet he similarly had no idea how the feeling was mutual.

The temptation overtook me. Lust broke free like a hungry wild beast released from its years of imprisonment.

He slowed me down, reminding me that he wanted to savour each second of our adventure. And savour he did.

Every square inch of my skin, every crevice, nook and cranny, he stroked with his rough hands and tasted with his lips.

The way he seemed to enjoy every moment of it, draped me in a warm sensation of desire, love and affection. I would swear my heart swooned and melted into a puddle.

“You’re delicious. And I really don’t want to stop.”

“Then don’t.”

“I want to make love to you all night long…”

Our lips locked tight in a deep kiss. I was in heaven.


As we lay naked in each others’ arms, bodies glistening from the passionate encounter that just ensued, he let out a sigh.

“I want you with me every night. Just like tonight. For the rest of our lives.”

“Then let me love you.”

He pulled his head back and looked deep into my eyes. “I could never reject the love of a beautiful woman like you.”

He kissed me lightly on the forehead, and for the first time we’ve been with each other, he said the magic words. “I love you. Would you be mine?”

I was only too happy for words.


4 thoughts on “familiar pleasures

  1. NIIIIIIIICE! You’ve just made a romantic like me so satisfied =) Lovely ending =)

    shell says: Thanks. But really, it could have been better. The plot suddenly escaped me halfway through the typing. =_=”

  2. um aren’t you embarassed that your dad and bro would read this!?

    shell says: Um, no?

    My dad is Chinese educated, so he’ll hardly understand a bulk of it. Not like he’ll mind anyway. We talk about sex openly in my family.

    The amount of violence my brother writes about can rival (and win) this post anytime.

    We’re all liberal here. :mrgreen:

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