snippety snip

I vowed never to cut my own hair again. Like, maybe at least a dozen times.

But blame it on the persistent postnatal hairfall, my impatience, and simply wanting a different look… I picked up the scissors and snip snip snipped.

I trimmed off half the length of my fringe. And went around the edges of the back to destroy the dry split ends.


I am so stubborn sometimes that I can’t stand it. Especially when it backfires right into my face.

Fortunately, well-rebonded hair stays stick-straight regardless of how you abuse it. So this time round, I was saved the boo-boo of making my locks curl up in opposing directions a la Jackie O.

I am fervently scouring for some images of punkish layered hairstyles as a guideline for my hairstylist, so that I may hopefully morph into someone less Plain Jane looking after my next salon appointment.

Fire engine red highlights are currently being considered as well. Come X’mas season, my hair could be a representation of Mrs Santa Claus.

I am just so desperate for a total makeover.  I’m so bored of the blah look I’ve had since pre-pregnancy.


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