boy oh Boy

** written from the perspective of Joshua Boy **


Hi. I am trying to look like a stereotypical Korean.


And this is what a stereotypical Korean baby boy would look like if he was sneezing.

04-11-07_korean sneeze

My daddy thinks I look better with a distorted piggyface.

04-11-07_distorted pigface

But in actuality, I am pretty darn cute as myself.

04-11-07_handsome again

I think I am starting to like having people take photos of me. I am learning to pose for the camera. Just like those big boy handsome sexy models! But I think I need to learn how to stand up first.

04-11-07_wily charm

I love playing with daddy and mummy. I always give mummy this special smile to show her how much I love her.

04-11-07_hi mommy


On the eve of Deepavali, mummy and daddy brought me to French Stall for dinner with my favourite pretty Fiona jie-jie. I was having a runny nose and slight fever, so mummy gave me my sweet yummy medicines before we went out. I fell asleep when they were doing their boring grown-up talk, because the meds make me reeeeally sleepy.

Then we went to Mustafa! Mummy says you can buy almost anything from there, and they are open all the time! Next time when mummy tells me that all the shops are closed and we cannot go shopping, I will remind her to bring me to Mustafa.

Mummy started taking my pictures when we were shopping. She said I looked very cute in my beanie cap. She forced me to wear it because she said I’m not allowed to go out if I don’t. 😦 So I purposely gave her my famous blur/bored face.

07-11-07_gangsta boy

But then I realised that Fiona jie-jie was missing! I looked around for her.

07-11-07_where's fionana

When I finally saw her, I gave her my handsome cheeky expression. She always wants to kiss and cuddle me when she sees it. I think it might hook me some cute chicks in future as well!

07-11-07_charming fionana


We got home and I practised my flipping.

Then daddy put my hanky on my head. =_=”

08-11-07_little pink hanky

They say I look like a Samsui woman. But I don’t what that is. Is it yummy like my favourite brown rice cereal??

Mummy says I look cock-eyed in this photo. But I think I still look cute. Do you?

08-11-07_lil pink hanky-CU

Then after all that, I went to bed for the night. Bed! Not my sarong anymore!! Mummy says she is very proud of me. :mrgreen:

I don’t like to sleep in my sarong anymore because I feel very cramped inside and I cannot flip to sleep on my side. I don’t know why I like to sleep on my side, but mummy says it’s because I am just like her.

Also, the sun shines into my sarong and I like it dark when I nap. Sometimes I have to cover my eyes in the sarong when I sleep.

03-11-07_sleeping with eyes covered

And you see, if I cover my eyes, I cannot hug my favourite beansprout pillow. Then I become very cranky and mummy gets mad when I get cranky.

So I self-weaned myself off the sarong in just one night. I am also very proud of myself. Mummy says I am a big boy now!

P.S. I have recently found out that mummy’s big big soft soft goose down pillow is very nice to hug and also use as a blankie when I sleep in her room. One day when I grow up, I will steal that pillow from her. snigger

P.P.S. Mummy took a video of me flipping over, but she said Youtube keep having error when she uploads it. She says she is “pissed off”.


6 thoughts on “boy oh Boy

  1. LOL.. so that’s what you have been busy with… πŸ˜›

    shell says: He is a bountiful ball of energy these days. πŸ™‚

  2. OMG!!!

    if onli he is like.. erm… 20 yrs older??

    so adorable!!!

    shell says: If you can wait 20 yrs, then you can do that “older woman younger male” kind of relationship with him!! There’s hope! πŸ˜†

  3. haha nash is kinda mean to bully josh when he’s sick! he’s such a hamsum little fella la, hope we can intro the 2 rascals to each other again!

    shell says: Not mean ok? Joshua enjoys making us laugh as well, so he willingly lets us manipulate him. :mrgreen:

    I think maybe in a month or 2, the 2 Js will be able to actually play with each other!!

  4. baby sho cuteee!!!!! i hope that my baby turns out as cute…better yet,cuter! hehehe! although late,CONGRATULATIONS to you and hubby on that cute cute cute boy!!! =D

    shell says: Thank you. Even though belated, congratulatory remarks/comments are always welcomed. πŸ™‚

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