big business

So Joshua started on his first solids of cereals on 31 October, and didn’t do a proper poop for more than a week.

I say “proper” because the only two poops were of a very small volume and hardly quantifies the horrendous amount he eats/drinks.

We kept tabs on his bowel movements (something I bet no one would think they would ever have to do, until they become parents) and on Sunday morning, he did a GIANT ENORMOUS POOP!!!!!!

Yay!! That’s one decent poop after 11 days of being “poop-less”.

According to the poor Daddy-O, it was stinko, dark brown (just like adult poop) and very creamy (think melted chocolate 😆 ). While he was dealing with the aftermath of starting Boy on solids, I was happily snoozing in Dreamland. Heh.

Just as I was feeling bad for missing out on his first poop since going onto solids (how strange that anyone should even feel bad about not partaking in the smelly business of poop clearing), Boy did another one for me in a slightly smaller scale at night.

Double Yay!

Apparently the boy was never constipated at all. The poops were nowhere near the description of “dry and hard stools that may be tinged with blood”.

Being a mommy makes me have weird reactions towards business (pun intended) like that.


During the typing of this post, Joshua was watching cartoons like how he usually does after his first feed of the day.

I don’t know was it due to the cool rainy weather, or that he’s recovering from his recent bout of flu, but he just flipped over to his side and fell asleep.

All without me even realising it until he was already fast asleep. Cool. That means more nap time for me too. :mrgreen:


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