some boring details

Since Joshua’s taking an unannounced nap on his own, I’ll take the chance to fill up on the general details of the days gone non-blogging.

We’ve all been eating a bit too much over the weekend.

Saturday lunch was Carl’s Jr, tabao-ed by Uncle Henry to my place, a DVD marathon of “Meet the Robinsons” and “Harry Potty and the Order of the Phoenix” (which I felt was a dry boring movie).

Dinner was an overload of yummy Chinese food tabao-ed from downstairs. With a bit of Ice Wine bought from the wine shop downstairs. Yes, I have a wine shop directly downstairs of my block. How cool.

Sunday I slept past lunch. Dinner was a delicious affair at Chinatown’s Lan Zhou La Mian. Then we had Hong Kong style dessert at 记得吃. And drinks at Scarlett Hotel’s BOLD. Sibei atas, but I like. snigger

When Uncle Henry’s around, we always tend to become gluttons. All three of us.


My school sucks ass BIG TIME. I was supposed to have class on Saturday from 2-5pm, but the venue was “TBA” on the timetable.

I diligently checked the BlackBoard (some crap online thingy for students to receive announcements and stuff) but there were no updates. I called up my course coordinator, who obviously didn’t pick up the phone (what’s new). And I called Student Services, which was also unanswered. Then I called the school’s main hotline.

At least there was a nice girl who picked up and tried hard to check out the classroom venue for me. Only to find out that there were no Mass Comm classes on that Saturday. Neither at UniCampus nor Dhoby Ghaut. 😕


This school seriously has got a malfunctioning system. Everything is badly planned and in a mess. Please, ok? Don’t go enrol in MDIS. 😐


My bottom half is officially a Dorothy Perkins’ size 14 since 2 weeks ago. Woohoo.

I tried on a pair of dark grey jeans at the Plaza Singapura outlet on two separate weekends, and the second time I did, it was significantly less snug than the first time.

Reason why I didn’t buy the piece?

Well, the first time I wasn’t sure if I was just slimmer on that day itself. (Sometimes when I skip lunch I look dramatically thinner. 😕 ) Which was of course subsequently proven that I was permanently slimmer (until I grow fat or get pregnant again).

Then the second time, the colour just didn’t look so right to me anymore.

I want a grey. Like really grey. But the one in the store was more of a erm… bluish-grey. I don’t want any blue tones at all. So it’s still pending.

Hubs says for $43, I really shouldn’t bother myself too much with having the colour specifically as what I want. Because chances are that a pair that fits my ideal expectations would probably cost a bomb. Like how most things that are perfect to me usually are.

I’m sorry. I can’t help it that I was born with expensive tastes. :mrgreen:

Downside to being a size 14 again? This pretty much means I’m not going to shrink anymore, since I was hardly ever smaller than a 12. 😦

So I’m still lopsided with a size 10 upstairs and a 14 downstairs. But the tummy flab? Size 12, I presume. SUUUUUUCKS.


Speaking of sizes, I now have a FLAT ASS.

No more roundish J Lo ass. It’s flat. I think I might be able to balance a tray on it if I just bent over.

Hubs says he likes my ass this way. It’s cuter and doesn’t resemble as closely to what a black girl would have.

So is he trying to say that he didn’t like my ass before?!? 😕

*whips out the erm.. whip to erm… whip the Hubs*


I think I want to go shopping soon. It’s been two weeks since my last purchase of the CK boxers and bra. And erm… I just want to shop some more?

Bad excuse. But hey, at least I can now say it’s time to go shop for X’mas presents before the peak season of December. cgp

Anyways, I’ve got a $10 F3 voucher for Topshop/Topman/Dorothy Perks that’s going to expire on the 19th, so I better use it before it does, right?

Excuses excuses… cgp


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